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Sloane's Dead! Long Live Sloane!

Then we catch up with Syd and Vaughn as they sit in a big yellow van watching Moronen on some TV screens. "You know what I want?" asks Vaughn. "What?" answers Syd. "A normal life," he says, smiling ruefully at her. Meanwhile, Moronen's just sitting at a table at a café, reading a newspaper upside down. Oh, she so is. She's that stupid. She waves at someone, and inside the van, Vaughn alerts Syd that something's going down. Mama Reed shows up. Vaughn's all, the whuh? In the whuh whuh? She's supposed to be in London. Mama Reed sits, and Moronen passes her the newspaper in a gesture so damn broad that Russian satellites are picking it up and there's a bunch of guys down in Moscow going, "Hey, didn't that blonde girl with the bad accent just pass the older blonde woman with the bad accent something?"

Syd and Vaughn try to pick up the conversation. All they end up hearing is Mama Reed say something about the Covenant. "Oh my god," says Syd, turning to Vaughn. He quickly tries to clear up the interference so they can hear more clearly. Down at the table, Moronen chastises her mother for not even appearing to mourn. Mama Reed's all, uh, baby? You might want to be a little bit more grateful. I killed your dad to protect you. Back in the van, Vaughn and Syd finally get a clear read on the conversation and discover that the documents are at the Reed home in Virginia, and that the Covenant wants them translated by tomorrow. Moronen goes on to say that she'll head up to Virginia tomorrow, and that whatever the documents tell them about The Passenger, they should act on immediately. God. They're both the Worst. Spies. Ever. Can't they talk in code? I mean, even during World War II, spies talked about missiles and subs in terms of gardens and birds, for god's sake! And once again, more alcohol should help this situation along quite nicely…

Dr. Nancy's Office Of Couples That Should Be No More. Vaughn and Moronen are going through therapy. Yeah. Because now that Dr. Nancy's banged Sloane, she's not involved in a HUGE conflict of interest here or anything. Vaughn says that Moronen doesn't trust him, and that trust is based on honesty. Moronen just says that she thinks Vaughn will leave her once she mourns the death of her father. Please, girl. He's going to kill you first! There's some more back and forth about their problems and working on them, and then Moronen drops the bomb that their real problem is that Vaughn thinks he's in love with Sydney. Not "thinks," Moronen, KNOWS. Vaughn's all, how the hell am I supposed to respond to that? Dr. Nancy's all, with some honesty and without all the 'tude, please. Vaughn just says that Sydney is very important to him and that they go away together a lot. Which is Dr. Nancy's cue to ask if Moronen and Vaughn have ever gone away together. Moronen shakes her head. Dr. Nancy says that maybe they should plan a trip together. Vaughn pipes up that Moronen's visiting her mother in Virginia. Moronen quickly tries to back out of this, but Dr. Nancy persists, and finally, the trip is on.

And that's when Dr. Nancy heads on over to Dixon's office and informs him that it worked -- Vaughn's going to Richmond. Heh. Wow. That Dr. Nancy. She's got some truly flexible morals, that one. Hypocritical Oath, anyone? The next day, Mama Reed opens her door to find both Moronen and Vaughn on the front steps. She welcomes them warmly, and Vaughn goes upstairs to drop off the luggage. Once he leaves, Moronen turns to her mother. "His being here is unacceptable," she snits at her daughter. Moronen's all, oh, bite me, Mommie Bitchiest. I had no choice. We're supposed to be reconciling. I wouldn't worry, though; he's bought my act this far, so he must be pretty damn stupid. Do you have any Snack 'Ems? Upstairs, Vaughn quickly goes into Spy Mode, placing a device inside a lamp and switching it on. He goes on comm and asks if Marshall's getting a reading. Marshall taps into the power grid and brings up the power schematic of the house. Syd gets on the horn and tells Vaughn that they'll let him know when they find the safe. He's all, copy that, and walks off. Love it when Vaughn starts getting down to business. Love it.

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