I See Dead People

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A chip off the old ɉlodie

She drops to the ground and the real Sydney is right behind her. Vaughn looks at her and she looks at him and they both have expressions of amazement and concern and they kind of walk quickly to each other and before we can get a repeat of the Kiss to End All Kisses, Sydney asks if Vaughn's all right and he says he is and finally, FINALLY, they really kiss and it's the real thing and it's awesome.

We can't bask in the glow of it for too long, however, because we have to go watch Sloane light a candle for his dead daughter. He leaves the church, and we see a man in a black suit walk up to the candle he just lit. His slender fingers reach out and pick up a matchbook that Sloane apparently left behind. He picks out a slip of paper that's been hidden behind the matches themselves. He opens it and the camera pans up to reveal none other than Julian Sark, looking as dastardly handsome as ever! He's totally The Cardinal, y'all.

Switching back to Syd and Vaughn, we catch up with them as they're paging through some of the files. Everything on Daddy Vaughn's research of P5 is contained in the folders. "Most of these organizations still exist, Syd," says Vaughn. "We could end it all," says Syd. Just then, SydAnna's cell phone rings. Sydney picks it up. It's Peyton, asking if she got the chip. Syd says that she did and that she's done here. Peyton gives her a location to meet up at and Syd hangs up. She tells Vaughn that that was Peyton, coming to extract Anna. "Who's Peyton?" asks poor, innocent Vaughn. Syd gives him a look like, aw. You're so clueless, aren't you? She tells him that Sloane is part of all this and that he works with Prophet Five. "He killed Nadia," she says. "This is my chance to stop him."

Vaughn knows what this means. They share a moment, and then Syd tells him that he can't go back to the Apple Store because there are moles within the government. He needs to contact Jack and only Jack. "Okay," he says, dejected that she's choosing, once again, to go save the world instead of stay with him. "Okay, I will." He hands her the Élodie chip and tells her that it's useless without the other half. Then he tells her to take the tracking device from her cell phone and imbed it into the chip so that they can track her movements once she hands over the chip. They kiss briefly and he tells her to be careful. She leaves, and Vaughn looks after her sadly with the history of Prophet Five spread across the walls behind him.

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