I See Dead People

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A chip off the old ɉlodie

Barbie's Baby Penthouse. Sydney is hilariously trying to get Isabelle to sleep by rocking her on top of a running dryer. Syd looks more exhausted by this kid than by all her secret missions behind enemy lines put together. The doorbell rings and Sleepy Syd goes to get it. It's Jack, who greets Syd with a "Hi" and his granddaughter with a "Hi, sweetheart!" Aw. Cold, hard Jack wuvs his wittle girls! He asks if this isn't Isabelle's naptime and Sydney's like, DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT? YOU TRY TO GET HER TO SLEEP. SHE'S GODDAMN RAMBALDI. HE NEVER SLEEPS! She mentions that Isabelle apparently doesn't need a lot of sleep because they got a collective four hours last night. Jack quips that it must be genetic because Sydney woke up every morning at four AM on the nose. Sydney gamely apologizes for her lack of sleep etiquette. Heh.

Jack's brought along a folder with data on the Élodie chip. It turns out that Vaughn's real name, Andre Michaux, was etched on the outside of the chip and that Marshall believes it was placed inside Élodie thirty years ago. Syd remarks that Vaughn and Élodie didn't even know each other thirty years ago. But, Jack says, their fathers did. And they were working together against Prophet Five. Jack thinks that one of the fathers etched Vaughn's name on the chip and placed it inside Élodie, intending for it to be found some day. "It's possible he may have some understanding of what the chip contains," says Jack, his eyes searching Syd's face for comprehension. Suddenly, Syd totally gets what Jack is asking: he wants to contact Vaughn in Bhutan. Syd is completely against this plan, but Jack says they may have no other choice if they want to bring down P5. Syd finally agrees to the dead drop of the chip as long as she's the one doing the dead-dropping. Jack kind of nods, knowing that there's no way to talk her out of it.

Sloane's Den of Iniquity (and Rambaldi Crap). Peyton and Sloane are listening to a recorded conversation between Dix and Getty. Dix says that Sydney's heading to Nepal to see someone who may be able to decipher the chip. Getty asks who the contact is and Dix just says that it's someone who worked with Élodie. Peyton switches off the recorder and asks Sloane if he has any idea who this Nepal contact is. Sloane says he doesn't, and wonders aloud if Nepal is the same place as Bhutan. Peyton informs him that it isn't, but that sometimes writers forget where they've put characters at the very end of episodes, especially when those characters were never supposed to be alive again. Sloane thinks this is interesting, because, where he comes from, Nepal is one country, Bhutan is another and THEY'RE NOT REALLY INTERCHANGEABLE. Peyton tells Sloane that she'll put a hit out on the writers if it means he'll be able to concentrate more fully on Page 47. Sloane says that, yes, it would be a great help to him if she'd do that and Peyton makes the call.

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