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When she's finished, Sloane says that he assumes this means that Prophet Five is going to take action on the Nepal contact. "Are you sure that's wise?" he asks. "APO will want to know how you obtained the intel, which would prompt them into looking into the security leak. Whatever's on that chip, I certainly hope it's worth the risk." Peyton just snits a fake thanks at him and then says they're sending an agent to intercept the device. They'd like Sloane to brief her before she leaves. Sloane's not sure what assistance he can offer some random agent, but then SydAnna enters the room and Sloane's jaw unhinges and drops to the floor and his tongue rolls out and kicks a dust bunny in the ass. Didn't see THAT one comin', didya, Arvin?

Now is the time on Alias when we shove another piece of Savage Sour Apple Bubblicious Bubble Gum in our mouths and chomp until it feels like we no longer have teeth.

Apple Store. Getty's sitting at his desk, paging through some magazine. He gets to the careers section and uncaps his pen. He starts circling letters and writing them at the top of the page. It would appear that he's decoding some sort of message in the ads. When he finishes, the message reads, "CONTACT MADE. AWAITING RESPONSE." Rachel walks up right then, and Getty smoothly turns the page on the message so she can't see it. I can't figure out the point of this next scene, really, unless it's that Rachel's actually on to Getty and knows he's up to something and she saw the message and is now just faking her upcoming meltdown to cover up the fact that she's sniffing his cheese. If that's the case, then this scene rocks. If it's not, and it's just a little filler scene meant to show how sensitive and non-spy-like Rachel is, then it sucks.

So, whatever, Rachel asks Getty if he wants to go see a movie. He rightly clues into the fact that this isn't about them going to the movies; it's about Nadia dying and Rachel not being so good with the whole "dead agent" part of her job. Rachel makes a mini-speech about how she doesn't think she's cut out for this, because first Gordo Dean, then Sloane were right in front of her, deceiving her the whole time, and she was totally oblivious. Getty tells her she's a good agent and her eyes slide down to the desk for a second, which was the moment I hoped that she was really trying to tell us all, "Y'all? I am SO onto this guy." Unfortunately, I kinda doubt this is the case. Getty says he would tell her if he thought she couldn't handle it. She thanks him and leaves, and he immediately picks up his phone and calls the classifieds department and says that he'd like to place an ad in next week's edition. I have no idea what he's up to, but somehow, I don't think it's good.

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