I See Dead People

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A chip off the old ɉlodie

Sloane's Den of Iniquity (and Rambaldi Crap). Sloane is debriefing SydAnna on Sydney's particulars. He tells her about Isabelle, and SydAnna snorts with just the right hint of Cuban derision. Seriously, y'all. Garner's impression of Gina Torres as Sydney is awesome. SydAnna quips something about how in this business, it's always the children who suffer. Then she says, "Hmm, Arvin, it troubles you, doesn't it? Looking at me, seeing her look back at you?" "You're nothing like her," snaps Sloane. "And I suppose you know what I'm like?" SydAnna snaps back. Sloane says he does; she's driven by anger and she craves power, something she was likely deprived of in her childhood. Sydney, on the other hand, is driven by a sense of duty and she gets her strength from the people she loves. When did Sloane become Dr. Phil all of a sudden? Arvin, put down the Psych 101 books and step away!

SydAnna says that Sydney's strength is also what makes her weak. "Attachments are a vulnerability," she says, "that can be exploited." "And yet she always manages to best you," snarks Sloane. He asks her if she avoids mirrors, and she quips back that she doubts becoming P5's latest pawn was part of Sloane's endgame. Sloane just says he's comfy with his place in the big picture but that SydAnna will continue to deceive herself that she's anything but expendable. "This procedure you've undergone," he says, "surely there must be a reason they want you to look like Sydney." Well, sure, Sloane! They need her to look like Sydney so that she can go meet with Vaughn, even though they don't know yet that Vaughn's still alive! See how much sense that makes? Sloane says that when her purpose is fulfilled, SydAnna will become unnecessary. "Lovely catching up," she snits, and then walks out. "The truth is," says Nadia's Ghost, appearing out of nowhere, "that you're no different than she is. You're dispensable too." Sloane looks at his dead daughter as if he's not at all surprised to see her there.

Nepal. Or Bhutan. Or One of Those Countries with the Monks and/or Yaks. A bi-plane touches down in a field somewhere as the passengers on another plane disembark. SydAnna is among the passengers. She walks past a man in a woven hat and he immediately says, "Miss Bristow!" Way to work the whole undercover aspect of your job, homes. SydAnna turns around, and the man introduces himself as Nabin and points to a bright red scarf at his waist, saying that Syd must have overlooked him. Man. These Nepalese/Bhutanese monks are CRAP at spying. Nabin says that Sydney is hard to overlook and, in fact, she's just as lovely as Mr. Vaughn described her. SydAnna's bells go off. She's all, "Miiiiiister Vaaaaaughn?" Nabin, who is quickly becoming a candidate for Worst Spy Ever, tells her that Vaughn talks about her all the time and then takes her to his car.

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