I See Dead People

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A chip off the old ɉlodie

Syd manages to wake up a bit. SydAnna walks up and says, "Hello, Sydney." She then reaches inside the truck, obviously looking for the chip. Sydney fully comes to and sees…herself standing before her. She's understandably confused. SydAnna finds the chip and turns to Sydney, saying that if she'd known it was inside Élodie, she'd have saved them both the trouble and cut it out herself when she slit her throat. "Anna…" is all Syd can manage. "Sorry, Syd," says SydAnna. "Don't have time to chat. I have a date. Now…I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with your boyfriend, but whatever it is, I'll have fun doing it." Wouldn't we all, SydAnna. Wouldn't we all. Then, SydAnna flicks her Bic and drops it to the ground, igniting a trail of fuel. Syd starts to panic and scramble. SydAnna swaggers away as the truck behind her blows up and Syd totally dies. Except she doesn't. Because, hi, this is Alias and she's the damn star.

Magical Hut of Hot Chest-Wound Recovery Patients. SydAnna enters the candlelit hut, and it would appear that these Nepahutanese monks have a lot more than yak butter and ear wax at their disposal; there's a high-tech medical room at the back of the place, as well as a huge fire pit in the center that would be perfect for roasting marshmallows. S'mores anyone? Vaughn slowly shuffles out from one of the rooms, dragging a cane with him. "Hey," he softly says. SydAnna turns, and I have the TiVo paused right now and her expression is hilarious. It's like, "HeeeyyyyHI. HI. I'M TOTALLY YOUR GIRLFRIEND. I AM NOT A CLONE." It looks nothing like the way Sydney might look at Vaughn. Then she kind of melts her face into a vague facsimile of someone who smiles lovingly at someone else. I'm telling you, she's REALLY bad at being Syd. Which is awesome that Jennifer Garner is trying to convey this. Oh, and her terrible expressions might explain how later, when Vaughn is all, "I was onto you from the beginning," I totally believe him.

So, they smile at each other and Vaughn shuffles forward and she asks if he's okay and he says he is and that the doctor says he doesn't even need the cane anymore but he thinks it looks debonair so he's keeping it and OH MY GOD HAVE I MISSED MICHAEL VARTAN. Five seconds into his scene and I'm practically sweating. I'll try to contain myself. Vaughn says that he's missed her and they kiss and there is a single beat of a moment when they touch lips that Vaughn's eyes kind of squint and then he puts his hands on either side of her face and if I were a betting man, I'd say that this was the precise moment when he figured out she wasn't really Sydney. But don't hold me to that.

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