I See Dead People

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A chip off the old ɉlodie

After the break, we're greeted with Michael Vartan's naked shoulder and it would appear I need to be hosed down. Preferably with ice water. NIPPLE PORN! SydAnna is prepping the area for minor surgery and she comments that the alcohol or whatever will help with infection, but it won't do nothin' for the pain. Vaughn says something about how, if she can handle childbirth, he can handle this. Well, seeing as her childbirth took about three seconds and you've been shot in the CHEST a BAJILLION times, I'd say that you've seen your fair share of pain, buster, and yours wins hands down, every time. She tells him to sit still and he says he trusts her, and she starts to cut. I was surprised she didn't just kill him, really, but then the fan wank in me took over and I decided that she couldn't kill him because maybe he was integral to the Rambaldi plan in some other way and if she killed him, it'd all be effed up. Then the part of my brain that actually THINKS was like, oh, please. Since when did Anna give a shit about Rambaldi? And why'd she do this anyway? Did they promise her a seat on the Royal Rambaldi Throne or something? God. GOD. Sometimes this show makes me want to take it out back and kick the shit out of it.

So, whatever, SydAnna starts cutting and we switch to the real Syd, who's just commandeered the other truck on the road. She calls her dad and tells him he was right and that she was compromised. He asks where she is and she just says, "Wait, Dad. Just listen to me. It gets worse. I've been doubled." Jack looks like he just bit into a Molotov Cocktail. Back with SydAnna and Vaughn, she's cutting and he's groaning. He won't sit still and she tells him to think about something else. "Give me something else to think about!" he gasps. "Tell me about Isabelle." SydAnna proceeds to tell him that his daughter has his eyes and his smile but that her chin is pointy, like hers. "It's cute," she says. Heh. She finally gets it out and Vaughn fits it together with his chip and it's a perfect fit.

Zurich. Peyton enters a book shop and walks right up to the geeky clerk and asks for the book. He gets it for her and says the receipt is in the book. Yes, it's just about that interesting. She leaves, and the clerk picks up the phone. "I believe there is someone trying to contact you," he says. "No, it wasn't him. It was a woman. But she knew the protocol."

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