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The Ice 5 Man Cometh

Previously on Alias: There were some really bad accents during an otherwise fun Bahamian mission; there was a pizza party, and Weiss got his groove on with Nadia and Syd shoved pizza in Vaughn's face; there was a really super-important computer that got stolen by a chunky British guy; and there was botched retrieval attempt that ended up with Syd and Weiss kidnapped for, like, ten minutes. But don't worry! They got out alive (duh) and Weiss got himself a new job at the Apple Store alongside his lady love, Nadia. Oh, and Jack made the chunky Brit the convenient scapegoat for Irina's murder, making Syd angry, Nadia a murderer, and Jack scot-free. The man's a genius. A genius of SATAN.

We begin in Algeria. Colorful locals wander the crowded stalls of Backlot #82. Goats from the Animal Actors Union get pulled through, bleating their way to a SAG card. They pass a skinny tourist in shorts who's muttering, "I lost my bird." It should be noted that the skinny tourist is none other than Richard Speight, Jr. who won part of my heart in Band of Brothers as Sgt. Warren "Skip" Muck. Yes, the whole of my heart belonged to Damian Lewis because, seriously, Winters, man. Winters. But Muck snuck in there and nestled himself into a corner of my otherwise cold and frosty heart. He's also one of the computer guys in those funny IBM commercials that make me giggle. At any rate, Sgt. Muck is just standing in the middle of the stalls, muttering the bird phrase to various passersby. Weiss walks up and sneers, "It's 'I lost my canary.'" And try telling it to the woman upstairs." Hee. Not so good with the spy stuff, is my cute Sgt. Muck. Weiss totally rolls his eyes and sighs the sigh of "Jesus, what a loser" as Muck walks off in search of the woman.

He passes Vaughn, who's standing at the base of a staircase. Muck heads up and finds Sydney, sitting at a low table, enjoying a cup of tea. "I lost my canary," Muck correctly states. "You should have clipped its wings," Syd fires back. Code words accomplished, Muck starts chattering about how he's cold and isn't it cold in here and aren't you cold and it's probably nerves, et cetera. Nice touch, considering what happens to him in a minute here. Dix walks up and pours more tea for Syd and asks in Arabic if her friend would like anything. Syd says no and returns to Muck. He wants to see the money. Syd wants to see the weapon. Yeah, that's gonna be difficult, says Muck, because, um, see, he swallowed it. Syd just looks down at the table with an expression of, "Oh, for god's SAKE."

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