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The (Creepy Little) Orchid Thief

Jack thinks he's a bad fellow, though, and canes around the Conference Room of Endless Expositions, telling the Appleseed Gang just how bad he was. While at SD-6, McCullough headed up a program that went by the name Project Brainstorm. Yeah, that's another one of those giggle lines. "He headed up something called Project Brainstoooo-- HEE HEE HEE HEE! Shut up, you guys! You're making me laugh!" Brainstorm was supposed to be used to create sleeper agents, but it was also used to transfer memories from one subject to another. In short, Sloane Clone thinks he's the real deal. Sydney mentions the usage of "Jacquelyn" back in Santiago, and Sloane claims he has no reference for that; it just came to him. Marshall says that this is probably because it's buried deep in Sloane's subconscious, which means it's also buried deep in Sloane Clone's.

Nadia pipes up that someone must have continued McCullough's research after SD-6 went down. Turns out that McCullough escaped before the raid and it was Sloane who tipped him off. He has a good idea where McCullough might be, and Jack says that they'll send Dix and Vaughn off to deal with him. In the meantime, they continue with the Sloane Clone interrogation.

Buenos Aires. There's McCullough. Sitting at an outdoor café. Dix and Vaughn walk up and join him. McCullough greets Dix warmly and Dix says that Arvin Sloane sent them. "The real Arvin Sloane," says Dix. "Tell us where the orchid is, and we might be able to cut you a deal." McCullough doesn't know where it is and he reaches into his inner coat pocket, which -- AREN'T VAUGHN AND DIX ARMED? When a cornered former SD-6 baddie sticks his hand inside his coat pocket, don't you, I don't know, STOP HIM? Dude could have a weapon! As it is, he just has a packet of cyanide substitute, but still. McCullough pours the cyanide into his coffee and continuously avers that he doesn't know the answers. Dix tries to berate the guy into giving up the goods, but McCullough just calmly drinks his cyanide-flavored coffee and mentions that he thinks Sloane Clone double-crossed him and kept the orchid for himself. Vaughn thinks McCullough's lying. McCullough says he's beyond lying and that his employer would never let him live long enough to be interrogated. Hence the cyanide substitute racing around his system. Vaughn hollers for an ambulance. Dix asks who McCullough is working for, but he dies before he can answer.

Interrogation Room of Prissy Little Mama's Boys. Sydney enters. Clone greets her. She asks where the orchid is. Clone blabbles something at her about time passing and loved ones and it doesn't really matter because the dude's not Sloane, okay? Syd doesn't get the answer she's looking for, so she gets up to leave. Slone Clone blabbles some more, this time about the reengineering of the origin of the species. It would seem that he's discovered an application for one of Rambaldi's formulas. Basically, the work involves genetics and bioengineering and mutation and would create a calmer more gentle being. Ultimately, easier to control. Like the beeeessszzzzzzz. Yawn. Sloane Clone claims to have the solution to war and genocide. I don't really care. "Suppose one could administer a formula to the general population that would quietly alter our brain chemistry," says Sloane Clone, "exponentially expanding our capacity for qualities like empathy and harmonic coexistence." "This formula," says Syd, "how would you administer it?" "Nothing could be more simple," says Sloane Clone, bringing forward a glass of Rambaldi Life Juice. "Do you know how many additives are in our drinking water?" The Strings of Oh, Shit, I'm Totally Getting My Water From Hinckley & Schmitt From Now on take us out of the scene and to the break.

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