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The (Creepy Little) Orchid Thief

Hypnotherapy Room of Painful Memories. Marshall sets Sloane up in the hypno chair. Sloane says he'll need some help accessing the memories. Marshall says that Jack will be talking to him through the earbuds and administer certain verbal cues to bring his mind to the right place. Marshall leaves. Nadia's standing there, looking down on her father with disgust. She finally leaves, and we go to yet another break. Two hours into this recap, people. And I've got another hour to go. KILL ME.

Jack leads Arvin back into his memories. Sloane's fighting the hypnosis, but finally Jack gets him back into the past. Sloane's walking through a park with a fountain. Then he's walking up to a bench where Amy Irving, Auntie Em, is sitting. Aw. Auntie Em. I missed her! And she looks gorgeous. Arvin takes a seat and says that he thought they could take the boat out before it gets too cold, perhaps go to Bellagio. Ahhhh. Bellagio. I wish I were there right now. And that some little fairies would come in and magically pack my apartment before I get back. I'd also like to do naughty things to several of the Wilson brothers, but that's never gonna happen either, so I'd better just nip these fantasies in the bud, huh?

So, Auntie Em doesn't want to take the boat. She just wants to sit there. He says they can sit there for as long as she wants. For as long as she needs. "And I promise you," he says, "we will get past Jacquelyn." The Sloane back in reality looks desperately pained. Back with dream Sloane, Auntie Em says that she doesn't want to hear that name. He can't say it. Don't speak her name again. Never say her name again. Emily says she's alone in this. He tries to tell her she's not. Back in reality, Syd wonders aloud if Jacquelyn could have been a mistress. Marshall notices something funky on the screen. Jack tells Arvin he has to go back, and even shows up in the dream world to ask who Jacquelyn was. "Go back to when you met her," says Jack. Sloane goes back.

He's in the garden and Emily's gardening. He tells her she's supposed to be doing absolutely nothing. "It's the nesting instinct," she says, turning to reveal a very pregnant belly. "I can't help it." They park it on a bench and enjoy a glass of iced tea as Emily says she doesn't want to hear anymore silly Italian names. Sloane suggests Jacquelyn. Emily doesn't say, "Isn't that just the feminine version of 'Jack'? You sick bastard!" Instead, she kind of likes it. "Baby Jacquelyn," says Sloane, back in the hypno chair. Nadia hears this and gets up suddenly. Syd asks if Jack had any idea. He didn't. Nadia wants to bring Sloane out of it. Marshall says they don't have enough. Jack sends Sloane back to the memories.

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