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The (Creepy Little) Orchid Thief

Then we're in a hospital room. Emily's in bed, her pregnant belly missing. Sloane enters and takes her hand. "How is she?" says Emily in a panicked voice. He shakes his head, and Emily starts sobbing. Sloane tries to calm Emily by telling her that this was a risky pregnancy and that the baby tried so hard to stay with them but she just wasn't strong enough. Damn, this scene is making me cry. AGAIN. Emily just sobs and turns away, and Sloane gets up onto the bed and holds Emily in his arms, telling her over and over again that he loves her. Marshall watches the monitor. They have it. They have their memory.

In another hypno room, Arvin Clone's set up to receive the painful memory. He nervously tries to talk his way out of it, but to no avail. And Joel Grey really is a kind of sad little man in that chair. Jack hits a switch, and Arvin Clone gets hit with the memory. When he comes to, Jack asks him his name. "My name -- Ned Bolger. Corporal. U.S. Army. Serial Number 112762." "Where's the orchid?" asks Syd. "Who are you?" asks Bolger. "Corporal, where's the flower?" "At a warehouse. Lugano, Switzerland. 43 Paseo Pantello," says Bolger. As Jack gets up to leave, Bolger turns back into Sloane. "Damn you, Jack! I always knew you were a traitor and you turn me in! Sydney please! Don't let him do this!" Then he switches back to Bolger. "I'm Ned Bolger. I'm from Torch Lake, Michigan. You can't torture POWs! Geneva Convention! Who a -- who I -- who am I? Who are you? Who…" Yeah. Say buh-bye, Bolger. Marshall scoots in and says there's a problem with Sloane. He's not coming out of the dream state. Sloane is sleeping so peacefully, he's practically snoring.

Actually, he's kind of sleeping with his eyes open. In the dream state, he's now all in white instead of the all black he was sporting before. He's looking out at the water and mountains. Emily enters behind him, carrying Jacquelyn, now very much alive. She asks him if everything's okay and he says that everything's wonderful. Marshall, monitoring Sloane's brain patterns, says that Sloane's stuck right at the point of Emily's pregnancy and he can't come out. Nadia wants to know why they can't just wake up him. Jack declares that the shock could kill him. Nadia asks if one of them could guide him back. Marshall thinks it could work. Or, you know, Sloane could go into serotonin overload and literally die of happiness. Jack says they should get started, and Nadia gets ready to lead her dad out of his fugue state.

"Hi, Dad," she says. "It's me, Nadia, your daughter." In the dream state, Emily's chatting with Sloane about some nice lady in town as Sloane makes goo-goo faces at his daughter. Nadia shows up. "Who's that?" asks Emily. "She's my…she's my Nadia," says Sloane. Nadia says he can't stay there. He says he's happy there. Nadia says his work isn't done. Sloane says she's a beautiful girl and he's very proud of her. But he can't come with her. He wants her to stay with them. Nadia says that Emily and Jacquelyn are gone and that he has to let them go. He says he'll never let them go again. She says they already are. He turns to look, and there's no one there. "What did you do?" he asks. Nadia doesn't answer.

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