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The (Creepy Little) Orchid Thief

"I was a good man once," he says. "Now I'm a monster. And monsters cannot be allowed in this world." Nadia says that he was once a good man and that he can be again. But he has to reverse what he put in motion. He doesn't deserve to rest yet. Sloane says he's tired. Tired and ashamed. "Then there's hope," she says. "Come back and redeem yourself." She wants him to be brave and come back with her. She believes in him. "Do not betray that belief," she says. "Do not betray that again." Sloane just turns and sees Emily and the baby again. "Goodbye," he says, heading off toward his wife. "Don't go!" says Nadia. "Dad!" Suddenly, Sloane jerks awake in the chair. "Dad," he says. Nadia goes to him and they embrace.

And now we come to the part of the show that is just one big speech and, really, it's easier for me just to transcribe it and let you absorb what it means instead of trying to interpret it and mess it all the hell up. Here goes.

"The first time I heard the name Rambaldi, I was working with the Army Corps of Engineers," says Sloane, standing next to Jack outside Bolger's room. "It meant nothing to me; his life, his works. He was simply a curiosity. Something I quickly set aside. And then when we lost Jacquelyn, when Emily lost the baby…I felt utterly abandoned. One night I came across some writings of his that I had stored in a drawer and somehow…it filled the hole in my heart. Oddly, it wasn't until I saw him that I realized how much of myself that I had lost. I am going to rectify this, Jack. I will clean up this mess that I have made." "I'd like to believe that, Arvin," says Jack. "But you can't," says Sloane. "I've heard it before," says Jack. "Well, all I can say, Jack, is I'm trying," says Sloane. "And every day is a struggle. Every day." That man is turning back to Rambaldi next week, y'all. Trust me on this. Speaking of next week…

Next week on Alias: I only have two words for you. Lena. Fucking. Olin.

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