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Can I get mustard with that?

Marshall's program bleeps at him, and he discovers that Sloane built the security system outside of Kyoto. Wow. That's…that's a pretty advanced program, there, chief. V asks when they head out for Kyoto. Marshall's all, uh, dude? You're just supposed to tell me how to bypass the system. V's all, yeah, I wish. Sloane had me give him seven variables and I won't know which one he's used until I access the on-site junction box. Oh, and I look hot in fatigues. Marshall's all, uh, but you're in jail. "On-site," trills V softly. Marshall looks like he's developing a migraine. Hee.

Kyoto. Geisha my geisha. The choppers move in. V, Vaughn, and Syd are in the back of one, getting ready to drop. Syd demands that Vaughn stay on mission, no matter what happens, and make sure he protects Nadia. Vaughn's just like, yeah, sure. Your sister. S'okay if I nail my wife to a redwood and slather her with honey and release a trough of fire ants on her sorry ass first? You don't mind, do you? We don't mind, Vaughn, but I think if you ever hope to get back in Syd's good graces, not to mention her bed, you might want to think twice about offing your wife. At least wait until AFTER Nadia's rescued.

Speaking of Nadia, she's scratching on the paper again, but suddenly she kind of drifts off and stops. Sark wants to know what's going on. Sloane feared this would happen; Nadia's built up a tolerance to the Green Goo™. She needs rest. "Or a stronger dose," offers up Moronen. Way to care, Florence Not-ingale. Sloane says that a stronger dose might render Nadia brain damaged. "She could die," concludes Sloane. "But we would have the equation, wouldn't we?" snits Sark. "Don't," grits Sloane. "Don't push me, Julian." Moronen grabs the vial of Green Goo™ and declares that they've all made sacrifices and it's about time he started making some as well. Oh, whatever, Moronen. Your moment in the sun is WAY over.

The Save Nadia Squad drops down from the chopper. In broad daylight. Lord. The squad lands, and Syd informs the team that they've landed. Weiss, riding along in a Hummer, responds that the Bravo team is rolling hot. There's some shooting and guards dropping. The Bravo team takes out the remaining guards and gets into position. The Squad heads over to the junction box as Sloane hooks Nadia up to a big-ass IV bag of Green Goo™. He assures her she'll be okay. "No, I won't," she weakly responds. "I guess the angel isn't coming." Yes, she is, Nadia. And she's brought her hot security chick friend and totally cute ex-boyfriend with her! Sloane goes to plug the IV into Nadia's hand, but stops. "Arvin…" says Moronen with a warning note in her voice. "I'm so sorry," says Sloane, caressing his daughter's face. Just then, two armed thugs enter the room and pull their guns on Sark and Moronen. "I made a terrible mistake," says Sloane. Sark and Moronen just look at him like, oh, great, now we have to engage in a really stupid and lame fight that will only just get broken up in two seconds flat, and then the show will end and we'll be no closer to finding out what Nadia's writing, like, EVER.

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