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Can I get mustard with that?

Back with Syd. More fighting. Suddenly, one of the thugs orders Syd to freeze. She's trapped. And then there's a shot. The thug falls, revealing Nadia behind him, holding a gun. She looks totally spent. Syd looks at her sister gratefully. Then we see Vaughn and Syd, supporting Nadia between them, running her up the side of a hill toward a chopper. They load her on between them and Syd tells her it's okay, that she's safe, and that Sloane will never hurt her again. "He protected me," says Nadia. Vaughn and Syd just look confused. Yeah. Join the club.

Oops Center. Dix tells Syd that Nadia's in stable condition, and the drawings and numbers they gathered from Kyoto are in analysis. Marshall says they don't have all the info, but he still might be able to extrapolate a location from what they do have. The only pimple on this otherwise well-run operation is the report Dix got from the TAC team leader that an initial failure to secure Nadia gave Sloane the opportunity to escape. Vaughn shoots a look at Syd. Yeah. He's talking about YOU, Vaughn. Dix asks Sydney if there's any truth to the report. "No, there isn't," she states, not looking at Vaughn. Out in the hall, Syd chases after Vaughn and tells him she won't cover his sorry ass again. Vaughn's all, it was a judgment call, okay? If it was the wrong one, then I'm real sorry. Syd's all, dude? You saw a chance to take out Moronen and you took it. Nice. Vaughn's all, hey, we got your sister, didn't we? What the hell are you bitching about? Syd tries to tell Vaughn that she understands what he's going through and equates his hatred of Moronen with her, Syd's, hatred of Sloane. She says that Vaughn saved her from letting her anger consume her, so why not let her do the same for him? "I told you I didn't know if we could figure out things between us," she says. "I still don't. But I do know that we can't even begin to try until you deal with this." Vaughn doesn't even say anything. Syd, realizing that Vaughn's not ready to drop this yet and is actually willing to sacrifice his would-be relationship with her, just walks off in a huff.

Elsewhere at Oops, Jack's walking through the halls. Dix catches up to him and says that Irina's affair with Sloane has been made common knowledge around the office. Dix offers to shoot the shit with him if that's what he needs to do. "I'm good," snaps Jack, turning and walking off. Later that night, we're at Katya's. There's a knock at the door. She goes to answer it, and lo and behold, it's Jack. "For the record, I can go through this alone," he says. And then he puts his hands on Katya's face and pulls her in for a kiss. Hee! But that's it. We don't see any more. I want Spy Daddy skin! NOW!

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