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Can I get mustard with that?

Nadia continues writing as…her childhood counterpart continues writing on a video screen that Syd and Vaughn are watching. Vaughn wishes that they could see the doctor's face. Syd spies something in the corner -- a reflection. She asks Marshall to enhance it. What comes up is the sadistic dentist of Asian persuasion. Syd is rightfully horrified. And so is Marshall. We move quickly to the Conference Room of Endless Expositions, where Dix is informing the troops that SDAP was the lead scientist in charge of conducting Russia's Passenger experiments. Jack speaks up and says that SDAP has been in contact with Sloane at least twice in the past four months. "Most likely to help him procure Rambaldi fluid," says Jack. Vaughn wants to know about Moronen and Sark. Dix responds that, as of now, the CIA has no evidence linking them to SDAP. "Their whereabouts remain unknown," says Dixon. "If the satellites had been tasked, like I asked, that may not be the case," says Vaughn. Weiss is all, dude? The satellites were a little bit busy checking shit in the Baltics, okay? Vaughn's all, oh, yeah, because you're SO interested in the Baltics. Weiss is all, dude? DROP IT. Dix steps in. "Vaughn? This is not the time."

Syd decides it's time for her to bring the focus back to, um, her. She asks where SDAP is now. Well, according to Dixon, he's at a Cuban bioweapons facility. Syd and Vaughn are charged with heading to the location and finding out everything there is to know about The Passenger experiments. Meanwhile, Jack will work with Katya in order to locate Sloane. And get himself a little Russian booty action. Everyone gets up to leave. On their way out, Jack asks Vaughn to spare a minute. Vaughn stops. Jack's all, dude. I feel your pain. I know why you checked yourself out of medical early. I know why you thought that getting back to work would be a good thing. "Get to the point, Jack," says Vaughn. Hee. "My point is, your rage is seething under the surface," says Jack. "I know, because I've been there. And I promise you, if you don't resolve this as quickly and expediently as you can, it will spill over into every aspect of your life, including the professional and personal relationship with my daughter, and I do not want you endangering her."

Vaughn's all, yeah. Thanks. I'm doing the best I can at the moment. Do you have any other suggestions? Jack's all, yeah, actually, I think you should achieve closure on this as SOON as is humanly possible. "No one wants [Moronen] in custody more than I do," says Vaughn. "That's not the kind of closure I'm referring to," says Jack. He pulls out a key and hands it to Vaughn. Vaughn's all, what's this? Jack's all, dude? It's a key to my storage facility. You've been there before. In there, you'll find false IDs, weapons, contact sheets, as well as disposal facilities capable of dealing with Moronen's remains. Vaughn's all, oh, yeah, nice. Thanks. That may be your way of dealing with this shit, but it ain't mine, okay? "Keep it," says Jack, walking away. Vaughn looks after him, his forehead developing an extra shelf to deal with the sudden appearance of a whole new slew of wrinkles.

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