Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Back with the Birthing Bristows, Syd turns to her mother and says, "The truth takes time. That's what you said, years ago. Is this what you meant?" Irina says that she'd like it to be simple, but it's never simple. "Did you put out the order to kill Vaughn?" Syd asks. Irina just looks at her, her expression inscrutable. I honestly can't tell what she's thinking. I guess we can assume by her non-response that she did, indeed, put out the order to kill Vaughn, because if she hadn't, she would have at least said, "No, Sydney." Maybe. I guess. But the bitch lies all the damn time, so even THAT may have meant nothing. Sydney gasps a bit, and Irina says that she'd known about Vaughn's investigation for some time and that in Sevogda, she'd tried to warn him. "He didn't take my advice," she says. Well, that...answers the question? She did order him killed? I think? I don't know. God. Syd says that she fell for her and even Jack fell for her, but Vaughn never trusted her. Which is why we love Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Jack's running down some stairs with a gun. He hears footsteps approaching and runs through a door. One of the team members hears the door shut and tells Peyton they have a possible target. On a floor with lots of convenient construction going on, Jack quickly dispatches both of the team members with a burst of gunfire. Peyton asks the team that Jack just killed to report in, and they're silent because of them being dead and all. Peyton checks in with her security henchman and he responds that he's sweeping floors seventeen and eighteen.

Syd's breathing more heavily now and Irina tells her to exhale through her mouth. "No!" says Syd irrationally. Hee. Syd says that she knows that the reason Irina saved her baby is because she wants it for herself, but she doesn't know why. "Frankly, I don't care," she says. "I just want you to leave us alone." And then Irina drops the bomb. "You should know something, Sydney," she says. "I never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would ensure your father's allegiance to me. You were simply a means to an end." Irina's voice breaks. "And then when the doctor put you in my arms and I looked at you, so fragile, all I could think was, 'How could I have made such a terrible mistake?' And at that moment, I was sure of one thing: I couldn't be an agent and a mother. I'd either fail at one or both." They look at each other. "And I chose to fail at being a mother." Oh, dayum.

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