Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa

Previously: Sydney takes a lie-detector test, and Carl Dryer, the test's administrator, fingers her as the mole. The Rambaldi clock turns out to map a location in Argentina that leads to Rambaldi's journals. Sydney and Dixon track it down, only to have Ana Espinosa beat them to the punch, shoot Dixon, and kick Sydney down a big hole.

Close-up of Sydney's face. She's unconscious. The camera revolves, and she's hanging upside-down -- apparently on her fall down, her leg hooked into one of the ladder's rungs and she passed out that way, maybe a few feet from the floor. I can't even begin to start on the sheer improbability of this. It doesn't make. Any. Sense. It makes less sense than the Antonio Banderas-Melanie Griffith marriage, for goodness sake. In fact, it smells of Eau de Big Cheat, or perhaps Parfum de We Couldn't Think Of A Real Way Out Of This One, but whatever.

Sydney comes to. She climbs all the way up again. She makes it out into the unforgiving sun of Argentina. She calls for Dixon on the walkie-talkie. I think we're assuming it's the same day. No answer from Dixon. Sydney grabs her pack and runs. She spies Dixon's walkie-talkie and some blood. She follows the blood to a small clearing, where Dixon's lying; he's been shot in the chest. Sydney says, "You weren't wearing your vest! Why weren't you wearing your vest?" after she rips open his shirt. Well, my guess is that it was too damned hot for him to be wearing a vest, or that he realized that the bullet-proof vest was a spurious, inconsistent device thought up by the writers to get Sydney out of yet another narratively inconsistent hole. Just a guess on my part, though.

Dixon's lips move, but his teeth are chattering. Sydney tells him he'll be okay. She whips out the biggest walkie-talkie I've ever seen. Alias mega-mix starts up.

Flashback. Vaughn hands Sydney said enormous walkie-talkie. It's a sat-com phone that lets her contact the CIA from anywhere. Sydney asks what happens when SD-6 finds out she's been using it. Vaughn tells her not to let that happen, but to take it, because she might need it. I'm going to give Vaughn the benefit of the doubt and assume he's doing something kinda non-regulation because he cares for her, but it seems a) stupid and b) (yes, this word again) completely inconsistent, because why would he just "happen" to give her this phone for this mission? And of course there's no explanation as to why she might need it on this particular trip, beyond the general danger she encounters on every trip.

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