Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa

Sydney's Apartment Of Freeloaders. So, what's the deal with Francie and Charlie? Did she just never move back into their apartment, even now that they're engaged? I think that's weird. She and Will are watching His Girl Friday. Will says it's the best movie ever. Francie points out that his choice excludes moves like The Godfather, On the Waterfront, Raging Bull, and Citizen Kane. All great movies, true, but even Will is allowed to have a movie that he thinks is the best that's not necessarily the best from some empirical point of view. Besides, His Girl Friday rocks. Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, and a Ben Hecht screenplay -- you really can't go wrong. Will laughs and says that His Girl Friday made him want to be a reporter, that all the repartee made it look fun, but in reality, being a reporter is a pain in the ass. Will's gotten his hair trimmed. And thank God.

Francie asks what's up. Will scratches his chin pubes and sits by Francie. He then whips out the transmitter/brooch -- which is still live, by the way, and would someone please kill Will now? He so deserves it. He starts shouting drunkenly at the bug that they can go to hell, after telling Francie that he can't figure out all the loose threads of the story he's working on. Francie picks up the bug and drunkenly asks it if she'll find a good wedding dress. Will points out that it's not a Magic 8-Ball. Will tells Francie to tell it to stop torturing him. She starts yelling into the transmitter. My God. This scene is so annoying. The only thing more annoying would be babysitting my thirteen-year-old cousin and her friends as they watch an *NSync concert.

Will's phone rings. A computer-altered voice tells Will to stop talking about the bug, and to tell the person he's with that the call was a wrong number. Okay: Will is a moron and should be put down like a lame horse. What kind of legitimate reporter would take out a LIVE BUG and show it to his friend, thereby endangering his friend and exposing whoever it was on the other line to more about his life? Will, I'm firmly convinced, is some kind of horrible test-tube baby experiment gone wrong. I mean, just look at his hair. Also, he needs to step back on the monorail and get the fuck out of Fantasyland pronto if he really thinks these tactics are gonna work.

Francie asks who it was. Will says numbly that it was a wrong number, after removing the brooch from her hands.

SD-6. Dryer whispers at Sloane that Sloane was playing games, sending the message out on server five. Dryer points out that if Sydney had been a mole, she'd have been saved by her own people, and Sloane, in effect, would have let her go. He asks what Sloane is protecting. Sloane suggests strongly that Dryer find the actual mole and stop questioning him.

Sydney's Apartment Of Constant Cleanliness. The Bubble Bath Of Sorrow. There's a knock at the door. Francie enters, wearing her catering uniform. Sydney starts apologizing for missing their wedding-dress-shopping appointment. Francie apologizes for making Sydney shop for a wedding dress that she could've/should've/would've had herself. Except it goes on much longer than that, but that's the gist. Sydney hops out of the bathtub and tells Francie that missing the appointment was only because of work, and not because of residual Danny issues, and that she wants to go next week. Francie agrees, and asks about Dixon.

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