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Papa, can you hear me? No, seriously. PAPA?

Syd runs after Nerdy and Dix and Vaughn come upon Stubbly, who has decided to stop running and has, instead, chosen to threaten to drop the Hydrosec into the water supply of…the bar upstairs? I don't know. Both Dix and Vaughn feign dropping their guns, only to have Dixon shoot Stubbly dead without even blinking. Heh. The Hydrosec falls to the floor, but it's stable, so all is well in the land of dead water poisoners. Vaughn calls for a biohazard team and Nadia says they're on their way. Outside in the alley, Nerdy calls his mommy, and Elena states the obvious: that the CIA has the Hydrosec. Wow. She's a super-duper spy! Nerdy says he can get it back if they can find out where it is. Elena says to leave that to her and come on home.

Speaking of home, Elena's at Syd's. Looks like she's staying at the Barbie Penthouse. It also looks like either Nadia has had the Apple Store conference room transferred to her bathroom, or the conversation with Nerdy took place loooooong after the ruckus at the Viennese disco, because in walks Nadia, wearing a t-shirt and having some tea, as if she wasn't just telling Vaughn she was sending a biohazard team his way approximately 2.73 seconds ago. Whatever. Get to the Spy Daddy stuff already. As if to torture me, we continue with this scene and Elena telling Nadia that she's made a hotel reservation because she's imposed on Nadia's kindness for far too long already. Nadia protests. Elena protests back. All in Spanish. All of which I'm not translating. Nadia insists that Elena stay. Elena, shockingly, says okay.

Later that day, or the next day, or the year 2088, Vaughn's at the Apple Store, looking for eligible singles ads on Lava Life. Syd walks up and asks if Vaughn's seen her dad. He hasn't. She's left Jack dozens of messages but hasn't heard anything yet. He's been missing for two days. "So whaddya wanna do about it?" asks Vaughn. Syd gets this "look" on her face. Oh. I know that look. That's the "I think it's time to actually prove my father doesn't sleep standing up at the back of the Batcave" look. The next thing we see is an elevator sliding up into frame. Vaughn and Syd exit and move down a hall. "So this is where your dad lives, huh?" says Vaughn, incredulously. "Yeah, what did you expect?" counters Syd. "I dunno. A bunker or something?" snarks Vaughn. Heh. Or the Batcave, Vaughn.

Vaughn asks if Syd really has never been to her father's apartment. Syd's all, nope. Vaughn's all, weird. Syd's all, dude? Have you just MET me? What about my life ISN'T weird? They get to Jack's door, and Syd knocks. There's no answer, so Syd and Vaughn do the only logical thing they can: they break in. Using her ever-present lockpick kit, Syd easily makes it past the front door and they enter the Inner Jacktum. The place is everything you'd think it would be for a man like Jack: it's expensively but sparsely finished, has an air of neglect and intellect, and it looks like someone hasn't lived there for ages. Syd picks up a picture of herself from her childhood. At least he pretends to care. Over by a partially open window, there's a bowl of half-empty cat food with several bits scattered along the floor. Looks like Jack is fond of strays, eh? It makes sense; cats are independent, sneaky, and superior, just like Jack. Stray cats are all those things plus desperate, angry, and feral. Also just like Jack. Heh.

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