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Papa, can you hear me? No, seriously. PAPA?

Syd and Vaughn finally make it to her dad's car, and it's not parked outside a nice-looking building with wrought iron lamps in front of it. No. It's parked outside a dirty old warehouse. Syd and Vaughn immediately enter the building. Once inside, it's clear they're in some sort of drug den. Syd wonders aloud what her father would be doing in a place like this. And, up until this point, I honestly thought they were going to turn the corner and come upon this beautiful office that Dr. St. Hubbins had faked off in some remote area of the building. Or that there was nothing there, but Dr. St. Hubbins had been drugging Jack and Jack was hallucinating everything and the doc was about to deliver his final dosage. I was not, as you say, prepared for what happens here.

Vaughn notices that one of the druggies lying around on the ground is wearing Jack's coat. He demands that the guy tell him where he got the coat. The guy looks at Vaughn like he has a big hash pipe coming out of the top of his head and arms made from bricks of crack cocaine. They leave the druggie behind and head off in search of Jack. In the doctor's office, Dr. St Hubbins is getting ready to inject Jack with the cure. "If for some reason this doesn't work," says Jack with a smile, "tell my girls I love them. Sydney and Laura." "You're gonna pull through this, Jack," says the doc. "I'll see you on the other side." Jack's grin fades as the doc moves toward him with the needle. He injects the stuff into the big blood roller coaster thing to Jack's right and instructs him to count backwards from ten. Jack, his lower lip trembling slightly, starts counting. "Ten…nine…eight…seven…"

And that's when Vaughn and Syd burst into the office and we see that…there's no office, no doctor, no radical cure, no nothing. All that's there is Jack, sitting on a cot in his undershirt, injecting himself with something blue and telling his daughter it's all going to be okay. He starts convulsing, though, so obviously everything is NOT okay. And I am SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT. Syd calls Marshall and tells him they need medical assistance, like, now. Vaughn holds onto Jack, trying to stop the convulsions. Syd pulls the syringe away and looks at her father with naked concern. Thank Christ there's a commercial right now because I need to take a Valium, a hit of Stoli, and a nap -- in that order.

After our much-needed break, we catch up with Vaughn and Sloane, who are just lazily chatting in Sloane's Office of West Elm furniture. Vaughn exposits that yes, Jack was injecting himself with poison, but he thought it was a cure. The doctors managed to get most of it out of his system, but the illness? It's still around. Within seventy-two hours, it'll advance to the point where it's irreversible. Sloane asks if Jack woke up in the ambulance. Vaughn says he did, briefly, and he kept wanting to see his doctor, a "Dr. Liddell." Sloane perks up at the mention of this name, and everyone heads off to the Conference Room of Endless Expositions to find out who he is.

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