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Boobs McPhee: Wonder Whiner

Syd starts scrambling around the car, looking for something to help them get out of this situation while Rachel basically just moans and worries, and finally Syd says, "Don't worry. I've been in much worse situations than this." Then there's this shot of the back seat and Rachel's little voice quivering from behind it: "You have?" Hee. Dix and Getty get to the cab of the magnet crane and climb up into it. Dix looks at the controls and then realizes he's looking right into a little spy cam mounted on the glass. Oops. Gordo orders Peyton to release the car; she does, and Syd and Rachel drop about twenty feet. Yikes. Peyton reactivates the magnet, catching the car before it drops all the way. This time, both Syd and Rachel are suitably freaked the hell out.

Gordo orders Jack to pull his agents offsite. Jack relays this order to Dix and Getty. Marshall tries to intercept the signal on the remote control Peyton's using on the site. Gordo tells Syd he wants confirmation that Mockingbird's en route. Rachel understands this to mean that Gordo wants her to call him and she's all, dude. NO WAY. He'll totally know. I'm a terrible liar. Syd tells her again to become someone else and make the call. She says that men like Gordo want power; you just have to fool them into thinking they have it, and then hit 'em when they're not looking. Rachel pulls out her phone and calls Gordo. She does a good job of acting scared (because she is) and a decent job of lying about where she is. Too bad a ferry horn goes off in the middle of the call, cluing Gordo in on the fact that Rachel's right there with Sydney.

Sydney suddenly tells Rachel to go to Plan B and to kick the back of the seat as hard as she can and then hand over the crowbar. Gordo's pissed. Syd then breaks the sunroof, grabs Rachel's hand, and slaps the precision suction glasscutter from the vault onto the bottom of the magnet just as Peyton hits the release button and the car drops. Syd and Rachel just slide right through the sunroof and swing in the breeze, safely attached to the magnet via the suction cutter. Heh. Totally implausible and completely impossible. And yet, totally fun and completely cool. Especially the part where a big ol' pregnant woman can hold the weight of herself AND her partner via one hand. Hee.

Sloane's Passage to Freedom. We're back in the hearing room, where Spinella's delivering his fake summation. He blathers on about how much he detests Sloane's tactics and how the way Sloane does business is abysmal and gives the CIA a bad name. And then he goes right on to say, "However, while I may detest your methods, I cannot deny your results." At this point, Jack shoots a panicked look at Sloane and his expression is like, the fuck? What in the…what're you up to, you despicable little toad? So, Spinella sets Sloane free, even though he clearly doesn't want to and would rather dip Sloane in a vat of hot wax and turn him to the latest candle from Archipelago, "Stinky Sloane." Sloane just looks bemused. Jack looks pissed.

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