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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Back with Vaughn, he tries to shoot the glass out. Doesn't work. Jack's running. He gets to the core and tries the key-code door. Marshall sees what he's doing, and orders him to stop and not try to get into the reactor area. Meanwhile, Syd's like, uh, gettin' a little warm in here. Vaughn's all, hang on! We're working on it! Syd's all, uh, work a little FASTER, please. My DNA's starting to itch! Back at the reactor, Jack clenches his jaw and moves to the key-code lock. He rips it off and goes to work on it's innards. Hee. Every time I see Jack having to work with something, I just think about the comments everyone's made on the DVD commentary about how Victor Garber hates props. Poor Victor. This episode must have been a royal pain in the arse for you.

Back with Syd, Nightingale's starting to come to life. It's flashing, which is NOT a good thing. Marshall somehow manages to get the countdown to slow down, at least, but it's not really the miracle they're all looking for. Jack continues to work his magic on the key-code lock. Syd continues to fry. Vaughn continues to worry. "Work some magic, work some magic, work some magic," chants Marshall, obviously jumping into my head and hearing my inner thoughts. Finally, Jack gets the key-code lock to work and Nightingale immediately shuts down. Vaughn asks what happened, and Marshall reads a message that informs him that there was a total system meltdown due to core corruption. So, by messing with the door to the reactor, Jack managed to corrupt the core. Oh, and also drown himself in radiation. So, you know, that can't be good.

But Marshall thinks that HE'S responsible for this miracle save and he hilariously turns and hugs Sloane. HEE HEE HEEEEEEE. Sloane's all, OH MY GOD GET OFF ME DON'T TOUCH ME JUST SAVE SYDNEY, WOULD YOU? You know Weisman and Rifkin were cracking up during this scene. You just know it. Marshall frees Sydney, and she and Vaughn meet up somewhere else. She has the coil. Vaughn asks if she's okay. She is. She hands him Nightingale. "Plan B," she whispers. "I hate this," he whispers back. "Vaughn," she grits. "Are you sure?" He kind of sighs, then moves in and kisses her strongly. Aw. He pulls back. "I love you." Aw. "Yeah?" she asks with a smile. "Still?" Hee. He nods as if to say, "Yeah, I still love ya." Aw. And then he hauls back and cracks her one across the face. Heh. She gets up, only slightly bloody. "Remember what you promised?" she gasps. "I'll let you know when I get there," he says. "Okay," she responds, watching him run off.

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