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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

"We don't know your father's dead," says Syd, neatly tossing her boyfriend his keys. "Yeah," sighs Vaughn. "At this point, I do." "After all the progress we've made," says Syd, "how can you just --" "Just what?" spits Vaughn, cutting her off. "What've I got? Some journals in his handwriting that shouldn't even exist? And a word? One word. Nightingale. What the hell does that even mean?" He goes on to mention Sonia Braga and how she was just some random woman who mentioned "nightingale" to him and how he'd be better off asking for the goose that lays the golden eggs. Heh. Syd's all, dude. That wasn't just some random woman. That was the woman who raised Nadia, yo. This shit's all interconnected. Good point, Sydney. "I want to get to the bottom of this as much as you do," says Syd. "We always thought my mother killed your father. But what if we were wrong? What if there was some other plan?" Vaughn just looks at her. Heh. What I love most about this whole scene is the everyday-ness of what they're doing mixed with the what-the-hell-ness of their conversation. It's hilarious. "Where're my keys?" "On the table. What if my mother didn't kill your father after all?" Hee. Hee hee hee.

Apple Store. Jack's looking for naked pictures of Lena Olin on his non-product-placed iBook when there's a knock at his door. It's Syd, and she wants to chat. Jack invites her in and Syd immediately asks if he'll let her use his level six clearance. Jack's all, uh, okay…why? Syd's all, oh, it's not for me! It's for my…friend. Yeah. My friend…Vaughnia. Vaughnia needs to…oh, never mind. It's for Vaughn. Nice way to spill it, Syd. Heh. She seriously pauses a millisecond before just telling her dad everything that Vaughn's been up to. Worst. Spy. Ever. Syd takes a seat and fills Jack in on the journal Vaughn found and how the entries ended in 1982 and how Irina was supposed to have killed Bill Vaughn in 1979. Jack shits all over the idea that the journal is authentic and Syd just brings up Nightingale, even though she has no idea what it means.

Jack kind of looks like someone stuck him in the ass with a hot poker because he kind of ticks his head to the right and is all, what's Nightingale? Syd's all, no idea, dude. But Vaughn followed a lead from the journal to Lisbon where he met up with Sonia Braga and she told him she knew all about his dad and he rescued Nadia and then he left, looking for Nightingale. Syd surmises that it could be a code name or an operation or whatever the hell, and she wants to find out what it is. Jack finally hits some keys on his computer and gives Syd level six access. She stands and thanks him, and he says that he appreciates her trusting him with this info. "It seems like we haven't really talked since --" "Mom died," says Syd curtly. Heh. Again, it's like real life, only with more…death. "Honey, it's been awhile since we talked, hasn't it?" "It sure has, Dad. I think the last time was right after I came back from missing two years of my life and right before you killed my mother. That about right?" "Indeed it is, punkin. How you been?" Hee.

Jack says that she should feel free to come to him any ol' time she sees fit and then he walks away from his desk so she can access the security files. Before he leaves, though, he turns at the door and throws her a kind of cute pursed-lip look that's basically like, "I love you, honey. Even if I did kill your mother. Or not, you know, as the case may be. But whatever. I love you. Now…you go get your top secret files and we'll have dinner later!" Syd sits down at the computer and does a search on Nightingale. We quickly switch to Vaughn and Dix, sparring in the Apple Store boxing ring. Vartan and Lumbly are totally digging this, y'all. Spiff whap bam! Heh. Syd enters, and Dix backs off so Vaughn knows not to hit him. She and Vaughn go off somewhere to discuss Nightingale in detail. Syd tells Vaughn what we all basically know: Nightingale is the brainchild of Elya and Elya is a very bad guy. He was recruited by the CIA into D.A.R.P.A., then disappeared twenty-five years ago after he was discovered to be running tests on human subjects. When he left, he took all the records of Project Nightingale with him, which is why Vaughn couldn't find anything on it.

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