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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Right now, we have to check in with Vaughn. It would seem that the Wonderland serum has turned him to stone. He's just sitting there, practically drooling out of his unmoving mouth. He's also sweating slightly. He can only move his eyes. "Mr. Vaughn," says a voice from the doorway. Mysterious Guy steps forward, and it's Omar Little from The Wire. He's pretty. He welcomes Vaughn back from his nap and tells him not to worry; the paralysis is temporary. He coolly takes a seat next to Vaughn, and Vaughn asks who he is. "I'm Omar Little from The Wire, dude! Can't you read?" Okay, no. He just cryptically says that he's a man who can tell Vaughn about his father. But first, he wants the transforming coil inside Nightingale. Vaughn's all, are you INSANE? Omar's all, uh, in case you've forgotten, I'm not the one who injected himself with an unknown substance, FREAKY DEAKY. Hee. Vaughn just clenches his jaw (because, really, what else can he do?) and Omar says, "So now that we've established your desperation, it's a matter of how far you're willing to go." "Why should I believe anything you say?" grits Vaughn. "Phillip Burke," says Omar. "Who's that?" asks Vaughn. "You look him up," says Omar. "And when you're done, you contact me." He drops a card on Vaughn's lap and tells him it's a one-time-only contact thing, so he'd better make it count. Omar leaves, and Vaughn starts to get feeling back in his limbs. Minutes later, he's limping out of the library, looking more desperate than ever.

Restaurant of Sketchy Father-Daughter Relationships. Syd enters, and Jack greets her warmly. Jack smiles and says he took the liberty of ordering a bottle of Pinot Noir. That's right, Jack. Because no one's drinking any fucking Merlot! Syd settles in for a nice beginner father-daughter chat, but neither of them is very good at it, so the conversation quickly turns to Vaughn and his troubles. Jack deftly manipulates the entire situation, and Syd winds up telling Jack exactly what he wants to hear: that Nightingale is an active project and the experiments are altering human DNA and there was a list of over a dozen human test subjects, all of whom died. Syd says there is a mention of the genetic markers "AD9" but she doesn't know what it all means. Jack looks disturbed. I mean, more disturbed than usual. Jack says that she has to bring this to the Apple Store. Syd says she has to talk to Vaughn. Jack plays the trust card; he gave her level six clearance because he trusted her, and now he's asking her to trust him. Bring this in to the Apple Store. Syd considers this. Jack continues blabbering at her about how the longer they keep this search secret, the worse it'll look for both of them. "The only way to proceed is honestly, above board," he says without a trace of irony. "Promise me you'll tell Vaughn that." "I promise," says Syd, without a clue of how evil her father could possibly be.

Apple Store. "She told you this?" asks Sloane incredulously. "Yes," says Jack calmly. "Hmmm," sneers Sloane. "For twenty years, [Elya's] been off the grid. Now we find him through Sydney, of all people. Well, I have to hand it to you, Jack. I never thought that you would be capable of exploiting your own daughter. I certainly couldn't do that." Um, pot? Kettle. Sloane ignores the daggers coming out of Jack's eyes and says that he can have a strike team down in Siberia in seventy-two hours. Jack's all, dude? That's the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard. Sloane's all, oh yeah? Well, Elya's our closest connection to Yelena Derevko, so we need to act quickly. Jack's all, Sydney can't know I betrayed her confidence, you sneaky little cesspit of evil. We wait for her to bring this in. Sloane chews on this for a minute and then just says, "And if she doesn't?" Jack clenches his jaw so hard it looks like it'll shatter. "She will," he terses. "I asked her to. When she does, we'll draw up an ops plan that will require me to go along on the mission. Once there, I'll interrogate [Elya] without Sydney or Vaughn knowing." "If our assumption is correct," says Sloane, "and [Elya] is communicating with Yelena, once you've completed the interrogation, he needs to be eliminated." Jack thinks this is a wee bit extreme, but Sloane is concerned that Elya could alert Yelena to their agenda. Which…speaking of your agenda, WHAT IS IT? "Or even worse," continues Sloane, "he could talk to Sydney, which would be a disaster. Unless, of course, you want to destroy everything we've worked for." Jack sucks on the inner part of his cheek until he draws blood and just looks at Sloane with an expression of, oh, you are SO dead once I get whatever it is I'm after. Hee. I love these two. They're so bad-ass for two dudes over forty-five.

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