No Hard Feelings

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A rose by any other name, would look like a creepy old guy.

Previously on Alias: Sydney killed SydAnna with a bullet through her forehead, and she and Vaughn were finally united. Unfortunately, Sydney had to leave right away to take SydAnna's place at Prophet Five, so no nookie. Sorry about that. Also, there seems to be a bunker hidden away beneath a German park that houses a crapload of Prophet Five materials. Also also, Sark came back. For thirty seconds. And it was the best thirty seconds of my life.

We begin tonight's episode at the Apple Store, where Jack is debriefing Rachel on Sydney's status inside Prophet Five. They can't tell the CIA what Syd's up to because, duh, there are moles for P5 inside the CIA. Dix walks in and Jack repeats Syd's status to him. Dix is all, wait a minute -- Syd's presenting herself as Anna? Um, that's kind of...stupid? Jack just snits that it wasn't his call to make because he wasn't consulted. They head to the Conference Room of Endless Expositions, where Marshall is in the process of trying to locate the tracker Syd placed on the Élodie chip. Jack says that they can only assume that P5 had plans for Anna to do something that only Sydney could do; if they can find out what that is, they might have a chance at figuring out P5's endgame.

Marshall patches Vaughn through on the line, and Jack tells Dixon he's in Hamburg. He tasks Dixon with traveling to Hamburg to meet up with Vaughn in order to transmit the P5 data from the storeroom. Vaughn asks Marshall how he's coming with Syd's coordinates, and he says it'll just take a sec. "You know, I cried at your funeral," says Marshall. "Yeah, uh, sorry about that," says Vaughn. "No, no!" says Marshall. "Thank you. I need a good cry now and again." Please, Marshall. You probably cry ALL THE TIME. Baby Mitchell probably looks at you and goes, "Damn! Who's the baby here?!" When Marshall says the crying line, by the way, Jack shoots him a look that only lasts a second, but speaks volumes. Heh. They are SO gonna miss each other!

"Okay, tracker's hot!" says Marshall. He locates Syd on Tiergartenstrasse and we switch to the black P5 car, already in progress. Peyton's on the phone, telling someone that she has the chip in hand and that they're on their way. Syd watches her carefully. They engage in a little post-assignment conversation and clink champagne glasses on a job well done. When Peyton asks if SydAnna's getting modest all of a sudden, Sydney quips, "It's this body. I have an uncontrollable urge to act like a Girl Scout all the time." Heh. "Well, let's get you back to Zurich before you start trying to sell me cookies." Hee.

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