No Hard Feelings

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A rose by any other name, would look like a creepy old guy.

Whoa. Sorry. I thought I was on an episode of The Wire. Excuse me.

Syd says, "I think you've mistaken me for someone else." Creepy Gaunt Not-Rambaldi Man says that he can't imagine confusing her for anyone else, seeing as her face is scattered through every last one of Rambaldi's documents. He says that he knows her. She says that they've never met. He says they haven't and that they don't have much time. She needs to come with him. Fearing an abduction scenario, she says she's not going anywhere with him. Oh, come on, Syd! The guy's so old and fragile, you could break him in two! Go with him! She asks him to tell her who he is. He just repeats the hidden message: "The circle will be complete when The Chosen One finds The Rose." He then holds out his arm and on it is a dark tattoo of a rose. "I am The Rose," he says. "Now...if you will come with me..." Syd follows him.

In the warden's office, Sloane is attempting to get Sark and Sydney released into his custody. The warden says he can't release them until they've had their first judicial hearing. Sloane says the warden could release them if he got permission from the general prosecutor. The warden starts to hem and haw about this, but Sloane just says that the prosecutor is expecting his call. The warden picks up the phone and dials and Peyton intercepts the call and pretends to be the prosecutor.

Oh, for god's sake. We're back with the Most Boring and Tedious Subplot OF ALL TIME. I still like the actors, mind you. Don't think I don't. But seriously? I am FALLING ASLEEP HERE. Unless this plotline comes into play during the finale, I'm going to be totally pissed off that I've had to waste any time on it whatsoever. So, whatever, Rachel's still working on the car as Getty tells her that he was supposed to meet his wife the night she died. But he got sidetracked by work. He's not sure why someone would kill his wife outright and it never occurs to him that, perhaps, HE was the target and he just WASN'T THERE AT THE TIME. He thanks Rachel for helping him and she says that this is the closest thing she's had to a night out since she joined the CIA. Hell of a date, huh? She tells him to hop in and give her some gas and the car starts immediately. They peel out.

Back with Syd and Creepy Gaunt Not-Rambaldi Man, they're heading into some room deep within the prison subbasement. It seems to be Rambaldi's old room. On the wall is a sketch of Sydney. She asks who did it and he says that she doesn't need him to tell her. "He told me you'd be coming," says Creepy Gaunt Not-Rambaldi Man. What, 500 years ago? So, he's not Rambaldi, but he's old enough to have KNOWN Rambaldi? Creepy Gaunt Not-Rambaldi Man goes to a wall and removes a brick. Behind it is a small cloth-enclosed package. He tells her that it's Syd's, for the time being. She unwraps it and it's an antique vial on a chain. She asks what it is and he says that it's Rambaldi's greatest gift and also his greatest curse. Because THAT'S not vague in any way, shape or form.

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