No Hard Feelings

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A rose by any other name, would look like a creepy old guy.

Rome. Sydney, sporting a pretty red-printed dress and pink cardigan, saunters down the street to meet her contact. As she gets closer to the meet location, she sees Vaughn standing at a newsagents. She moves next to him and he tells her that she smells nice. Aw. He tells her that they looked into San Cielo and Marshall couldn't find any record of it. Syd says she has a meeting with her contact at an O.T.B. and he's supposed to brief her on the rest. "I saw a picture of Isabelle," says Vaughn. "I don't know how we do this anymore." "We do it the way we've always done it," she says. "It's the only way to keep her safe." Well, you could also get the next transport to Mars and keep her safe there. It's just a suggestion. Syd wants to end this and Vaughn agrees. Dixon and he will get her back; if anything happens, they'll pull her out. Syd spies Dix across the way. Ah. Just like old times. Vaughn asks who the contact is and Syd says that Sloane told her she'd know him when she saw him. Vaughn tells her to be careful and she heads off to the O.T.B.

Once inside, Syd looks around for the contact and finally just parks it at the bar with a betting sheet. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," says Sark, moving up next to her. "If you want my advice, I'd take Tokyo Rose in the third." Oh, there he is. That nimble little minx. Syd looks utterly disgusted that she has to deal with Sark again, some more. She says that the last time she saw him was in Venice where, as she recalls, he betrayed her to the CIA. "And yet, Anna," he says, "here you are." I honestly can't remember when Anna and Sark worked together and I have NO recollection of Venice, so I guess I have to actually go back and read my own recaps because DAMN we're going far back in history here.

"Looking better than ever," snits Sark. Sydney smacks him across the face. Heh. "That's for the year I spent in a federal holding facility," she says. Then she slams his face down into the bar. Hee! Sydney then apologizes in Italian to the people in the betting place, saying she's all done with the hitting for now. Like true Italians, they just return to their betting sheets and ignore the lover's spat in the corner.

We switch to the Least Interesting Story of the season as Getty is meeting up with Korman somewhere outside of L.A. Getty asks if Korman found The Cardinal and Korman says he wouldn't be here if he hadn't. He gives Getty a slip of paper and gets back into his car as Rachel watches from her Mini Cooper in the distance. Korman leaves and Getty goes to as well, but Rachel gets out of her car and stops him. She gives him until "three" to start talking and he says he will, but not there; someone might be watching. They drive to some bridge somewhere and Getty says that he didn't lie to her, that Korman did kill his wife, but the order came from somebody else. The closest he's come to finding out who the order came from is the name of "The Cardinal."

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