No Hard Feelings

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A rose by any other name, would look like a creepy old guy.

Rachel points out that Korman and Getty seemed pretty chummy and Getty says that Korman works freelance and that they did a deep cover job together once. Korman doesn't even know his real name. Getty's wife was a schoolteacher, and she wasn't a part of this life, and he needs to know why someone wanted her killed instead of him. Rachel asks what Korman wants in exchange for giving up the info on The Cardinal. Getty says he wants his car; it was seized when Korman turned himself into witness protection. Rachel says that Getty could have told her, and he says he couldn't have because he doesn't trust anyonezzzzzzzz. What? Huh? Oh. Sorry. My keyboard is sooooo comfortable...Rachel, on the verge of tears for some reason, says that if she hacks into the Federal database, they should be able to find Korman's car. And a stupid subplot is born.

Rome. Dix and Vaughn wait on a park bench while Syd talks to Sark. Inside, Syd and Sark partake of some shots until Sark declares that they're on the clock, so they should at least maintain the idea of sobriety. But WHY, Sark? When drunkenness is so integral to WATCHING THIS SHOW. She asks him to fill her in on the plan, and Sark asks what Sloane's told her. She says Sloane's told her precious fucking little, so could they possibly get on with this? Sark says that San Cielo used to be a monastery, but now it's a maximum security prison. According to Sloane, Milo Rambaldi was held there in the days leading up to his execution. "Sloane believes Rambaldi hid 'The Rose' in the northwest isolation wing," says Sark. "The text specifies that only The Chosen One can obtain the item in question. I guess you'll have to do." He picks up his cell and speed dials. In Italian, he tells the person who answers that he needs the police because there's been an explosion at an O.T.B. He hangs up and looks at Syd. "An explosion?" she queries. He pulls a device out of his jacket and sticks it to the underside of the bar and suggests that Sydney take cover. They both dive beneath the bar as the windows explode outward into the street.

Vaughn and Dix see the explosion and move toward the betting place. Inside, Sark fires his gun into the ceiling and tells everyone to chill, they just want the money. He goes to the betting window and gets the woman behind it to give him some cash as Sydney covers the place with her gun. Syd's all, and THIS is your plan for getting us into the prison? Sark's all, uh, YEAH. Follow my lead, baby. He walks out of the betting place and Syd follows behind him. Once outside, Sark immediately raises his hands in the air and declares that they've seen the error of their ways. Well, that was fast. Nothing suspicious about that. They surrender as Dix and Vaughn watch.

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