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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

Rachel asks if they're hacking into the storage facility's network in order to find out where the Desantis files are stored and Marshall says they are. Rachel says that if they're going in via RF, then the network must be terminal. "Nah, it's a closed loop," says Marshall. I have no idea what they're talking about. And, oddly, I think that Rachel Gibson and Kevin Weisman don't either. Marshall finally finds what he's looking for and tosses it to Rachel. She takes it and walks out.

San Francisco. Dix and Rachel are in the Appleseed Van, getting tech instruction from Marshall. He's showing them "Charlotte," his little robot spider that has a CT scan camera imbedded in its belly. It takes images layer by layer, which Marshall demonstrates by shooting Dixon's face and then bringing the images up on his monitor. Dixon's face shows up, then the layers peel away, and we see the skeleton beneath. Pretty fucking cool. Charlotte will allow them to take images of the Desantis files without ever having to remove them from their storage container. Niiiiiiiice.

Rachel and Dix head into the storage facility. Rachel's obviously channeling Syd, because she's dressed to the nines in a knee-length A-line skirt, fitted jacket, patterned stockings, and red suede square-heeled pumps. I have no idea why this is important, but I thought she looked cool, so reporting the coolness seemed appropriate. Dix is pretending to be someone important who's storing something important at this important storage facility. The lackey in charge of storing his important stuff tries to sell him on the Most Secure Wing storage package, but Dix ain't buyin'. He says he doesn't want the most secure wing; he wants the wing they reserve for the people who will come looking for them if anything happens to their stuff. Storage Lackey immediately understands and grabs Dix's important stuff and starts to head off to the They'll Kill You If You Lose It storage wing. Dix opens his cell phone and pretends to realize that his battery is dead and instructs Rachel, his "assistant," to call his wife and tell her that they're running late. Rachel walks over to a phone by a table as Dix and Storage Lackey head off to the They'll Kill You If You Lose It storage wing.

Rachel sits and picks up the phone and plugs the audio coupler onto the base. It beeps, and Rachel puts the phone to her mouth and pretends to talk to Dix's wife. Marshall picks this up and says that the phone link is good and that he's accessing the network. Storage Lackey leads Dix into a locked room as Marshall somehow locates the Desantis files via the network. Rachel hangs up the phone coolly, as if she's done this a thousand times before. Storage Lackey is hard-selling the They'll Kill You If You Lose It storage room, but Dix is totally fine with it, so Storage Lackey sets Dix's precious box down on a shelf at the back and they exit to attend to paperwork. The door closes, and that's when Charlotte gets busy.

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