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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

When we come back from commercial, Bauchau is maneuvering Syd out into the main room of the warehouse via a gun at her back. He orders Élodie and Getty to put the radio down. Élodie's all, Papa! Papa is all, this woman was trying to kill me! Syd is all, oh, please! He's the reason we're being attacked! Getty grabs his gun and points it at Bauchau. Élodie grabs her gun and points it at Getty. Standoff. Syd says that Bauchau said they tracked a beacon; he sent the signal; he led them here. Bauchau tells Élodie not to listen to Sydney, that she's only trying to confuse them. "This isn't an abduction," says Sydney, "it's a rescue."

Élodie looks at her father. "How do you know about the beacon?" Bauchau is all, honey, I'm your father, remember? I protected you! Syd's all, that's right! Your father protected you! Remember? You said that your father left you somewhere safe! "Ask him where he hid you!" hisses Syd. Élodie considers this, then asks her father to tell her. He has no answer, and instead hems and haws about it being twenty years ago and how he can't remember. "But for you, it was only yesterday," she says, moving her gun to point directly at his head. "Who are you?" Suddenly, an explosion blows through an exterior wall and everyone dives. A helicopter appears beyond the hole and something gets thrown through it. Syd watches as Bauchau dives for the something. It turns out to be a harness of sorts and, as Getty and Élodie get up and shoot the shit out of the helicopter, Bauchau puts on the harness. The helicopter flies away, and Bauchau flings himself out of the hole and gets carried away with the 'copter.

Later that day, Syd's filling in Élodie on the whereabouts of her not-dad. APO tracked the helicopter to a small airport and, shortly after it landed, an executive aircraft took off, bound for North Korea. "And that man?" asks Élodie, stuffing her duffle full of all her worldly goods: baby tees, razor blades for hair maintenance, lip gloss, combat pants, an AK-47, extra ammo, Olay skin cream… "We still don't know," says Syd. "We're working on it." Élodie continues to pack her bag with a parka, some snowshoes, cupcakes, a chess board, a harpoon (you never know), Jenga, a Rubik's Cube, some hairpins (again, you never know), some Aveda Confixor, and a stuffed weasel. "We've seen things like this before, believe it or not," says Syd. "Doubling technology…but it's impossible to say. My team is still reviewing Desantis's papers. Hopefully, they'll give us some insight into Prophet Five. I'll contact you as soon as we know anything."

Élodie picks up the toy bear that she was holding as a little girl when she was back in the closet her father hid her in. "I thought I had him back," she says. "I know," says Syd. "Michael always told me I could come to you," says Élodie. "I didn't trust him. I was wrong." She looks at Syd. "Thank you." Syd looks almost embarrassed. "Yeah," she says, looking down at a spot on the floor in the hopes that Michael Vartan will magically appear. Élodie looks down at the same spot, but nothing happens. DAMMIT.

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