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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

Kaesong, North Korea. There's really nothing funny about that. We're outside what looks like a prison. Then we hear a door clanging open and we're inside and Gordo is storming his way through a hall. He walks into a medical facility room and Bauchau is laid out on a gurney, getting medical attention. Gordo looks down at him and says, "Gordon Dean. How're you feeling, Dr. Desantis?" "Couldn't be better," says Bauchau. "Thank you." "I'm told there shouldn't be any lingering side effects from the procedure," says Gordo. "Twenty-three years," says Bauchau. Or should I say Desantis? "The cohesion problem was solved once we understood how to re-sequence the information," says Gordo. "Girl's alive," says Desantis. "She calls herself 'Renée Rienne.' Works with the CIA." "Well," says Gordo, "then keeping an eye on her won't be a problem."

Especially when Sloane is in the hizzouse! The door to the Apple Store opens up and Sloane is in the red-clad outer room. As the Strings of Oh, Shit, Sloane's Back In Town play across the soundtrack, Sloane pretty much saunters into the Apple Store with a sick twist to his already nasty lips. Jack waits for him at the end of the hallway and it's almost like a stand-off at the OK Corral, only there are sneers and twisted lips in place of guns. Whoo boy, would I pay good money for tickets to THAT showdown.

Next on Alias: A week off! Yay! I'm going to paint my toenails! And then my dog's toenails! And then my neighbor's dog's toenails! Wooooo!

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