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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

Outdoor Café of Meetings Between Pissed-Off Men and the Men Who Pissed Them Off. Jack is escorted to a table where Sloane sits waiting. Sloane stands and they shake hands and Jack says, "You seem to be enjoying your freedom." Oh, you have no idea, Jack! Sloane's going commando! Yes, I'm twelve. "I was hoping to offer you more than prison food," says Sloane. "I must confess," says Jack, with that awesome twist to his lips, "I'd grown rather fond of the shepherd's pie." Hee hee hee. They sit, and Sloane doesn't waste a second before he asks to be allowed back into the Apple Store. He offers up his connections in exchange for Jack giving him full access to CIA resources to find a cure for Nadia. Sloane totally thinks Jack will say "HELL NO," but Jack surprises him by saying that he's already put in a request for Sloane's limited reinstatement. The only problem is, the request hasn't been approved or denied yet. Jack says that someone is standing in the way. Sloane asks if he knows who, because, you know, he's happy to make his case personally, but Jack has no idea. He's working on it. Just then, Jack's phone rings and he says that he has to cut the meeting short. They tersely say goodbye and Jack leaves.

Secret Warehouse of Somewhat Dead Bodies In Cryogenic Chambers. Élodie approaches the chamber and hits a button and the top slides up. The camera slinks along the side of it, finally revealing that the man inside the chamber is…LODZ! Oh, okay, if you've never watched Carnivàle, then you won't know what that means. But it's Patrick Bauchau, and he's AWESOME. Élodie looks down at Bauchau, and the expression on her face is angst-meets-confusion. My expression on my face is roughly around wait-it's-not-Michael-Vaughn-or-Daddy-Vaughn?

Apple Store. Jack is pondering kicking Sloane's weeny ass when Dixon enters and hands him the file on the Frankfurt job. Dix says that the intruder crossed two minefields, deactivated a thirty thousand volt fence, and put down a half-dozen Army rangers by non-lethal means. Jack asks if there are leads and Dix says that Getty's on the phone with Germany trying to get uplinks of their surveillance imagery. Jack reads the file and states that this lone individual walked past a stockpile of heavy weaponry, opting instead to take a few hundred cc's of something called "atropine-ZX". The best part about the "ZX" is that "atropine" exists (Google tells me so), but if you plug "atropine-ZX" into Google, the first hit is…ABC's Alias website. Heh.

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