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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

Inside, Élodie's delivering a dose of the ZX to Bauchau. Nothing happens. Her phone rings and she picks it up and Syd says they need to talk. Élodie doesn't think it's a good time. Syd says it can't wait and that she's out front. "I know," says Élodie from behind her. She's crept up behind Getty and put a gun to his back. She takes away his piece and points both guns at Getty and Syd. She's pissed that Syd violated their agreement. Syd tells her that she knows Élodie took the body, but whatever is going on, she can trust them. Élodie thinks this situation is different and that she has to do this herself. "That's not an option," grits Syd. "Does he know what you're up to?" asks Getty, looking toward one of the windows. We get a flash of Bauchau at the window and then he walks away. Élodie runs off to the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, she removes her cell phone earpiece and goes looking for Bauchau. Syd and Getty follow. Getty has his gun ready (because Élodie gave it back to him that easily?) and Élodie tells him that Bauchau's not dangerous. She continues searching for him and suddenly she finds him…as he jumps out and puts a knife to her throat. He pulls her out into the room, and as he's confusedly asking in French what's happening and who these people are, Syd pulls out her gun (she had a gun?) and points it at him. Getty and Syd both have their guns out and Élodie's all, he won't hurt me! Promise! Ignore the knife! "Who are you?" asks Bauchau in French. "They won't hurt you!" says Élodie in French. "It's me. It's me. Renée. It's me." Bauchau drops the knife and Élodie turns to him. "Can it really be you?" he asks. "It's me, Papa," she says. "Did I hear her right?" asks Getty. "He's her father," says Syd, in case we missed the "Papa" part.

And now is the time on Alias when we burn furniture in our apartment in a pagan tribute to how much this episode isn't sucking so far.

Okay, this next scene is peppered with French subtitles, so I'm going to do the best I can to distill it down to its essence. Basically, Bauchau's confused as to how all this could have happened and he doesn't know what year it is. Élodie tells him it's the year 2006, which, considering that Syd lost two years, isn't as weird as it sounds. In the Alias-verse, it actually IS 2006. Maybe they'll end this show with a time warp back to real time or something. What? It could happen. So could a musical episode. But don't quote me on that.

So, Bauchau says that it's been 23 years, but to him, it was yesterday. Syd speaks up, in French no less, and asks if he knows who did this to him. Before answering, Bauchau asks his daughter who these people are and if she trusts them. She does, considering the fact that they're the ones who found him. There's a pause, and then Élodie says in English, "Was it Desantis?" Bauchau says it was, and that after "they" caught up with him, they tried to make him talk. I'm assuming he's talking about himself and not Desantis here. Bauchau says they tortured him, but he wouldn't tell them where Élodie was. After that, he doesn't remember. He delivers the "doesn't remember" part in English, so we're saved from more French subtitles. Not that I mind listening to French spoken so gracefully by Élodie and Bauchau; it's just hell on the recapping.

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