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Who's yer daddy? ...No, really. Who's your daddy?

Speaking of pleasures, Getty's just opened up Élodie's hidden closet of weaponry, and the subtle grin on his face is all I need to call him Jack Lite. Oh, no, I won't really call him that, but he's totally a young Jack, and the look on his face when he discovers the weapons is pure joy-on-the-down-low. He gathers up guns like they're Wonka bars and heads back into the main room. Élodie tells Syd to open up a case that has security monitors housed within, and orders her to figure out what they're up against. Syd looks at the monitors and determines that there are twelve black-clad gits outside and that they're planning something. She asks Élodie what it is they're planning. Oh, like she knows. Syd gets a view of a van with a tube running out of it, and she declares that it's gas and that the black-clad gits want to knock them out before they attack. Getty comes in and sees this and says that they're pumping the gas through the vents. Élodie grabs some tape and hands it to Syd, telling her to get into the bedroom and seal herself in. "I'll take out the truck," says Élodie. Getty stops her. "No, no, no, no. I'll go. You watch your father." And that was the moment when I knew for sure that Getty was truly a young Jack, because that's EXACTLY what a young Jack would have done. Sure, he's normally all cold and cocky and "I am the shiznit," but when it comes right down to it, he knows what matters and he'll be DAMNED if some bunch of black-clad EEJITS is gonna jeopardize that. So, Getty goes off to save the day and Syd and Élodie head off to the bedroom to tape themselves in against the gas.

Marshall's Garage of Geekiness. Marshall's digging through some of his geek trash when Rachel enters and tells him that Dixon's waiting for them. Marshall's all, yeah, uh, I'm looking for something…you know what an audio coupler is? "Yeah, like from WarGames," says Rachel. Hee. One of the best eighties movies EVER. Marshall's all, uh, you know WarGames? Rachel's all, uh, yeah, it's only like, my second favorite movie EVER. Marshall's all, no WAY. Don't tell anyone, but it's what inspired me to hack into the Pentagon for the first time. Rachel's intrigued. "How'd you get in?" she asks. "I, uh, went in through the electrical system," says Marshall. He geek-speaks about how he sweet-talked some woman named "Ina" to let him in and Rachel says, "I went straight in through the sewer controls." Heh. Marshall? You have met your match. And it has boobs. "Really?" he says. "That's smart…and…a lot easier…" Heh.

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