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When Good Sketches Go Bad

Then Syd's click-clacking down The Hallway Of Hopes And Heartaches as Vaughn leans against the wall, still staring at the contents of the folder. "I came as fast as I could," breathes Sydney. "What's up?" "Remember that vial of liquid that [Shovelhead] was after in the SD-6 vault?" says Vaughn. Yes, we remember. So does Sydney. Get. On. With. It. "We used it on the blank page," he continues, "to get the ink to show up." "So it worked," says Syd, wondering when in the HELL he's going to get to the point. "So? What is it?" she finally asks when Vaughn's forehead creases start bulging past his jaw line. Well, Vaughn's not really sure. The CIA doesn't really know what it is. Syd's all, DUDE! What's the problem? You're acting really freaky. Vaughn finally just hands over the page, and Sydney stares at it as the camera swoops around and reveals a sixteenth-century sketch of a woman that looks remarkably like Sydney herself.

Yep. It's official. Alias has just picked up where the X-Files left off.

I must kill myself now.

Next week on Alias: Past. Future. Manuscripts. Visionaries. Vaughn. Sydney. Spy Daddy. ROGER MOORE. I can tell I'm gonna need a whole truckload of grain alcohol for this one.

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