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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

Vaughn and Izzy climb up into the truck and go to work. Vaughn hits the safe bypass portion of the job and Izzy sets up the laser. This scene is supposed to be really tense, but, considering that we know Vaughn shoots Dixon at the end of this, it really winds up being more…time-consuming than anything else. Izzy fires up the laser and cuts into the safe. Vaughn disarms the backup system at the same time. The convoy enters a construction tunnel, and Omar checks in with Vaughn and Izzy, asking them if they have the goods. They do. Izzy tells Omar the package is secured and Part Deux of their plan goes into play.

One of the baddie cars squeals in front of the truck as one of the remaining baddies drives a construction vehicle directly into the side of the armored truck. Dix sees all this and orders his driver to turn back. Vaughn and Izzy jump out of the truck. Dix shoes up and orders everyone to drop their weapons. No one listens. And that's when Dumbass Baddie #1 starts shooting the hell out of everyone. And that's when the shit hits the fan and we catch up to the beginning of the episode where Dixon chases two masked people, only now we know the masked people are Vaughn and Izzy. Running. Chasing. Shooting. Running. Chasing. Shooting. Finally, we end where we began, with Dixon shot in the chest. The only difference between this scene now and how it was played before is that we clearly see this time that Vaughn's instincts completely took over and he basically shot Dix as a reflex after seeing Dix shoot his partner. It says a lot about Vaughn's loyalty, even when his partner is a bitchy bad girl with a penchant for licking his neck.

So, Vaughn makes his way over to Dix and, even though there's no reason to, Vaughn removes his mask. The hell? Keep the mask ON, dude. Dix doesn't know who the hell you are! Dix doesn't seem to have his eyes open at this time, however, so maybe he doesn't see Vaughn. It's also unclear at this point whether or not Dix is wearing a bulletproof vest, but I have to assume that he is because he winds up living, according to the end of the episode. I don't mean to get ahead of myself here; I just wanted to point out that at no time during this particular section of the episode does anyone make it clear that Dix survives.

Baddie Meeting Place of Pissed-Off Rogue Agents. Vaughn walks in and Omar asks to see the manuscript. Vaughn's all, I'll show you a manuscript -- BAM! Vaughn grabs Omar and says, "He's been dead all along, hasn't he?" Omar's all, the huh? In the whuh? Vaughn's all, TELL ME HE'S DEAD. Omar's all, NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Vaughn's all, I'M NOT KIDDING, TELL ME HE'S DEAD. Omar's all, HAVE YOU SNAPPED YOUR CAP? Vaughn's all, SAY IT. Before Vaughn can haul off and deck Omar for the seventh time, Omar finally 'fesses up and says, "Irina Derevko killed him. The pictures, the witness, the journals, everything was fake." Damn. That's a hell of a lot of effort to go to just to get a guy to do job for you. Vaughn asks Omar who he works for and, when Omar won't answer, Vaughn kicks the shit out of him. "Sloane," Omar finally says. "I work for Sloane." Then he passes out, and Vaughn looks like he just ate a flaming piece of candy-coated poo.

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