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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

And now is the time on Alias when we slide, push yer booty back, slide, push yer booty back, sliiiiiiide.

Quantico Prison. Nadia enters and Katya is singing a lovely tune. Nadia remarks on it, and Katya says it was a song their father used to sing and it was one of Irina's favorites. Good god, I love Isabella Rossellini. She could show up to read the damn phone book and I'd be rapt with attention. Katya approaches the bars and touches Nadia's face gently. Nadia seems genuinely touched by the contact. It's a nice moment.

Apple Store. Marshall's on a mission. A mission to prove that Jack needs a Silkwood shower. He enters Jack's office and delivers a sheaf of papers that need Jack's signature. What the papers are isn't really important. What's important is that Marshall gets Jack's fingerprints all over them. Marshall asks if Jack's had a chance to see a doctor since the radiation incident. Jack just says he's fine and hands the documents over. Marshall heads right over to his Garage of Geekdom and processes the fingerprints. He gathers some samples of Jack's traces and puts them in a tube, marking them as "Patient 17," and sends them off for analysis.

Back at Quantico, Katya's relating a totally irrelevant story about Irina and their childhood. What's important here is that Katya is holding the bar of chocolate that Nadia wouldn't let Weiss have earlier. She's telling this story of how Irina would pickpocket people and use the money to buy the Derevko sisters candy. Nadia is charmed. Katya says that all was well until their father discovered what they'd been doing. "Yelena and I were terrified," she says, "but not your mother." Katya's unwrapped the chocolate and is holding a piece. "She stood there, finishing the candy, smiling. We were waiting for her to get hit, but instead, our father laughed, looking at this little rebel in front of him. Your mother can be quite stubborn. Much like your sister." Oh, that's nice. Way to bring it around, Auntie Obvious.

"How is Sydney?" asks Katya, getting right up close on the bars. Nadia backs off, saying she's told Katya that Sydney's off limits. Katya acknowledges this and waves a bit of the chocolate in Nadia's face. "Thank you," she says, taking a bite. "My mother, Irina," says Nadia, "did she ever talk about me?" "It's happening sooner than I expected," says Katya. "What's happening?" asks Nadia. Katya rolls up her sleeve. Her arm is an angry red. "I'm deathly allergic to chocolate," she says. "In fifteen seconds, my breathing will become difficult and I will lose consciousness." Nadia looks alarmed. "Tell Sydney, this is how far I'm willing to go to see her," spits Katya, falling to the floor. Nadia calls for the guard and Katya tells Nadia to tell Sydney.

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