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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

Apple Store. Sloane's hacking into the Pentagon at his non-product-placed-iBook when Nadia walks up and informs him that she's been visiting with Katya, and she wanted to let him know before he found out through official channels. Sloane seems neither surprised nor bothered. Nadia says she thought Katya could help fill in the blanks where Irina was concerned. Sloane thanks her for telling him, and she moves to leave. "Nadia?" asks Sloane, stopping her. "What did she tell you?" "Nothing I didn't already know," says Nadia. Sloane gets up and goes to his daughter. He says some crap about how he and Irina were cut from the same cloth and how they both did some unforgivable things. But, he assures his daughter, Irina was also capable of love. He's sure that Irina cared for Nadia just as much as she cared for Sydney and, even though she's not here to answer Nadia's questions, Irina loved her. "I'd like to believe that," says Nadia, tears collecting in her eyes. "Then do," whispers Sloane in a way that just…doesn't sound right. He can make the sweetest, most heartfelt, words just sound ookier than all get out. He hugs his daughter and makes this kind of creepy lizard-y face when she can't see him. He's just sick and wrong and not of the Lord.

Magical Music Box Shop of Secret Messages. Sydney enters and talks to the proprietor. She's there to pick up a repair and only has the service number, not the ticket. She recites it to him and he goes to get the item. It's a music box. No, not THAT music box. A different one. Syd opens it, and a classical tune plays that I can't quite place. The music box has already been paid for, so she picks it up and goes to leave. Her phone rings and she answers. No one speaks on the other end. It's Vaughn. "Vaughn?" says Sydney. "Say something." He can't and doesn't and finally hangs up.

Deep Down Baddie Den of Iniquities. Vaughn slams into the place and declares that if they're going to do this job right, they're going to do it his way. He starts to outline his plan as we switch back and forth between the CIA transport and the Den of Iniquities. Vaughn declares that the CIA is going to use their best agents and that's the moment we see Dixon take the Rambaldi document case from another guy. Vaughn then says that they can use the cold laser to get into the safe, but without the code, the safe's backup system will kick into gear. So, Vaughn'll bypass the system and Izzy'll man the laser. They'll only have three minutes. We switch to Dixon putting the document in the safe and closing it. Then he closes the truck door on a guard whose job it is to sit inside and guard the safe. Vaughn then tells his team that there will be no shooting on the job since the CIA obeys strict orders not to shoot until shot upon. Everyone agrees to the plan and moves out.

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