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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

Ovary Electric. Syd's futzing with the music box. As it plays, some numbers seem to be flashing across Syd's chest. How she looks down at her boobs as the numbers flash there is really hilarious. She has this expression of, "Well, I'll be damned! I have boobs! With numbers on them! Who knew?" Just then, Nadia shows up, so Syd slams the lid on the box. Nadia apologizes for going to see Katya and then goes on to kind of blah blah about her dad being Arvin Sloane and how he kind of sucks and how she always wanted to meet her parents until she found out they were both murdering traitorous assholes but that Sloane's changed and there's good in him and she was hoping that the same would be true of their mother. Syd says she's sorry that poor Nadia was all caught up in that damn fairy tale. The doorbell rings. Nadia says it's Eric and they're going to lunch. Syd declines Nadia's invitation to join them and returns to her music box as soon as Nadia leaves. She furiously writes down the Boob Numbers as they appear.

Apple Store. Syd's at her computer, researching the Boob Numbers. What she finds is a rather large bank account under the name "A. Sloane." And, yes, I incorrectly stated in the recaplet that this account made it look like "Arvin Sloane" put the hit out on Syd. It wasn't a big mistake, but, you know, judging from the amount of helpfully instructional emails I got informing me that it didn't say ARVIN Sloane, it simply said A Sloane, and that's different from ARVIN and so this doesn't indicate that ARVIN is a bad man but instead indicates that A is a bad man, I'd say there are some people out there to whom this was a very big mistake indeed. And to you, I heartily apologize. Now go get me a goddamn martini.

Darmstadt. The CIA convoy is making its way along a rain-drenched street. Dixon's transport stops at a light. One of the baddies pulls up next to him. Omar pulls up behind him, playing some rap music super-loud on his stereo. He's also wearing sunglasses. At night. Which, you know, is a prime indicator of just how bad a bad guy you really are. So, the truck is surrounded and Vaughn and Izzy are lying on dollies underneath Omar's car. Vaughn gives Izzy the go-ahead and they both scoot over underneath the armored truck. Vaughn sprays something on the underbelly of the car and then goes at it with a blowtorch. Inside the truck, the rent-a-cop is all, huh? What's that foggy stuff coming through the -- WHAP! The grate comes up and smacks the rent-a-cop in the face. He falls, then Vaughn tosses some device into the truck and the cop's knocked out. Meanwhile, the light turns green and the cars all start to move forward.

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