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Spy Vs. Spy

Previouslys: Sydney tracks a loose nuke originally slated for the "Alliance of Twelve" and accidentally triggers it. She deactivates it, but inadvertently puts it in the hands of SD-6. She has to hunt it down in Cairo. How many times has she "inadvertently" or "accidentally" done the wrong thing? It's only been three episodes. Gonna be a hell of a season, kids.

Cairo. Sydney. Mortal Kombat burnoose. Hassan holding gun at Sydney's head. He tells her to drop it. She says she won't, since he'll blow her head off. She threatens to drop the core, and fakes out Hassan by tossing the core in the air. Fightage. She catches the ball and runs. Some slo-mo running. The rest of her escape is interspersed with scenes of her weaseling her way out of a late paper, which she couldn't turn in due to her Cairo escapade.

The Jowly Professor tells Sydney she's falling behind, and that he doesn't accept late papers. Sydney lies and says she was delayed on a business trip. Cut to Cairo and Sydney yelling into her transmitter that she needs to get out. Professor tells her that the syllabus stated she could've sent her paper via email. Sydney says there was a blackout. Cairo. Shooting, shooting, shooting. Sydney drops the ball and watches it roll to the edge of some stairs. Professor VO says, "Okay, stop," and the ball does. Those monkeys sure are getting cleverer and cleverer at those keyboards, aren't they? Jowly Prof tells her that her job is taking precedence over her education, and to admit that she's dropping the ball.

Cairo. Sydney lunges after the dropping ball. She barely catches it. Angry soldiers start to run toward her; she tosses a grenade at them. She runs outside to catch a helicopter. Classroom. Sydney tells Jowly Prof that her job is a means to an end, but his class gives her life meaning, or some such horseshit. Do we know what Sydney's studying, exactly? I'd say English since she was in a class discussing Tennyson in the first episode, but your guess is as good as mine. Jowly Prof tells Syd she has until Thursday. She thanks him and says that'll be more than enough time. Her beeper goes off. It reads, as always, "Sloane -- 911". Prof asks if that's really enough time. Sydney asks the Prof, "How's Friday?" with a guilty smile.

Blip-o-rama. Credits. I wonder if these credits are detrimental to anyone's health. Remember that episode of Pokemon with the monster that had red flashing eyes? And kids were having seizures when they watched it? Anyone? I thought for sure that was going to be the new club drug -- ravers hoarding Pokemon episodes and mainlining Pikachu figures.

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