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Spy Vs. Spy

SD-6 offices in LA. Sloane and Spy Daddy watch Sydney's progress. Sloane asks if they spoke about Sydney's mother. Spy Daddy says they did, and he lied about the real cause of her death. Is anyone surprised by this? Be quiet -- you were not!

Ana strides in wearing grey. She asks Sydney how her Russian is. They speak for a few lines. You know, it would be nice to get translations for the foreign dialogue that goes beyond "hello," "goodbye," or "thanks." Ana needles Sydney about working for the agency that killed her one twue wuv. Gina Torres' Russian accent is about as good as Shannon Elizabeth's "Czech" accent in American Pie, by the way. Jennifer Garner relies on sucking in her cheeks to convey emotion. Sorry, hon. That only works if you're Garbo.

Sydney snaps and asks Ana if she brought the key. Ana asks her if she brought the box. Close-ups of their faces as they kneel to unlock the box. Okay. So we've seen this exact scene in Pulp Fiction, Repo Man, and Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. How many movies have paid this homage to Kiss Me, Deadly? I'm starting to think homage just means "rip-off." They unlock it. Close-ups of their faces. Sydney looks terrified. She breathes, "Oh my God." Gina Torres' facial expression here is great -- she looks frightened, exhilarated, and overwhelmed, simultaneously.

Next week: Sydney has to guard Patel, find some weapon, and safeguard the WTO. I wonder if she manages to get her paper in on time.

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