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Spy Vs. Spy

Newsstand. Smarmbert and Sydney pretend to read magazines. Smarmbert tells her she has to tag Ana with a tracking chip at their meeting. Sydney points out that she can't do that with a team of snipers trained on her. Smarmbert tells her that she has to obey his orders. Sydney says it's been too many years that she's blindly accepted orders, and that if Devlin doesn't put Vaughn back on the case, they get nothing. Smarmbert says, "Vaughn is a junior officer." Sydney says, "Then promote him." She exits.

Will. Boss-lady. Will tells her that all the traffic cameras within a one-mile radius of Danny Hecht's apartment were out during the time of his murder. Boss-lady points out that his article is overdue, and someone else is on the crime desk. Will says, "Don't make me regret working for people in their fifties." Boss-lady levels the stink-eye at him. Will backtracks. "Forties." She gives him one week. Also, Boss-lady looks nowhere near fifty.

Berlin. Van. Dixon. Sydney's in the back of the van, getting rigged up. She's on her phone talking to Francie, who thinks Charlie is cheating on her, since she found a matchbook with a love note scrawled inside it. Would someone really bother to write a love note inside a matchbook after a clandestine tryst? Is this really how the kids do it these days? Also, did Sydney call Francie from Berlin in the middle of her life-or-death mission? Otherwise, wouldn't Francie have to punch in, like, a trillion numbers for international long distance, and wouldn't she think that was weird? Plus, aren't those Nextel phones and some special service the only way you can have a US number and go anywhere in the world? Oh, forget it. I'm going to go Zen: I could care whether this show has even the sheerest glaze of plausibility. Or I could not. For now, I'm going with "not."

Dixon is eavesdropping on her conversation and wondering what the hell is going on. Sydney tells Francie to talk to Charlie, since there could be an explanation. I don't know about that. Shit stinks for a reason. The wire guy goes to tape something on her rack, and Sydney smacks his hand and tells him no. She tells Francie she's with a German client and has to go.

Tons of government types troop into a giant, brightly lit stadium. They set up. Sydney, clad in your everyday urban girl warrior uniform of basic black separates and boots, strides to the center of the stadium. Sydney clicks her ear mike and asks, "Who am I talking to?" Cut to Vaughn at a satellite relay station in LA. "Your invisible friend." She says, "My guardian angel." He says right back atcha kid, and thanks for getting me the promotion. Wait. WAIT WAIT WAIT. How is Sydney able to speak on that mike and not be heard by SD-6? Ahhh! God. Okay. Zen. Zen. Let it go. Let it go.

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