Passage, Part II

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National Lampoon's Kashmiri Vacation

Irina takes this quiet moment to talk tactics, saying she knows Jack wants to get to Srinagar, but that she has a contact much closer, in Jaipur, and that said contact is reliable. Jack takes this opportunity to play his "CIA Agent" card, trumping her "Traitor To America" card, and says he's in charge of this mission. He briefly sprays the area with exposition, reminding us...I mean, "her" why she's even on this mission when she's a prisoner; she's to use her knowledge of the rebels' base to get Jack and Sydney in, but Jack will be using contacts he knows and trusts. Irina looks calm and resigned, because every time the CIA says that, she ends up being right, and they end up eating shit. Sydney's eyes flick from Jack to Irina all, "Daddy, don't yell at Mom!," but no one says anything. Jack gets up and asks Sydney if she's okay to go on; she is (duh). Jack starts walking, so Irina uses this opportunity to play Daughtie against Daddy: "This is not a power play. The facility we're headed for -- security's tighter than the NSA. If we don't have the right equipment, it's pointless." She fixes Sydney with her laser stare, but Sydney dodges it: "We should move." "Okay," murmurs Irina, helping Sydney up. Irina and her hot ass saunter off into the sun...rise? I guess?

Mountains. Rocks. Dust. The three Bristows come over the crest of a hill and stop, staring down at a train pulling into a tiny station.

In a freight car, Sydney eats what looks like a pita, sans hummus. Jack takes a pull off a bottle of what I'm guessing is...light rum? The label has a couple of palm trees on it, anyway. Irina narrows her eyes, catlike, and gazes at Jack. After a moment, she catches his eye, and he hands her the bottle. As it passes between them, we see Sydney's face in the space above their arms; she has this great look on her face -- her eyes really wide and the corners of her mouth sort of turned down in surprise, like, "Well, how do you like that!" Irina smirks and takes a long sip, smiling ruefully and shaking her head slightly as it goes down. Jack smiles back at her and says, "I know what you're thinking." "Do you?" she asks, smiling warmly. "The toaster," he tells her. She grins and chuckles throatily. Sydney smiles tentatively, like she doesn't know whether to be pleased by her parents' sudden détente or very, very scared. She hesitantly asks Jack what they're talking about. Irina grins, signaling Jack to tell the story, which he does, as Irina returns the bottle: "We used to have this toaster at home. It was broken. And using it one night, I started a small fire." Irina picks up the yarn: "We had something like this to drink, and we both had a little too much." Jack says he forgot about the toast he was making, and Irina laughs again, delightedly. "When was this?" Sydney asks. Irina says it happened when Sydney was four. Irina says there was so much smoke, they had to move out of the house for a week, and into a hotel. "The Summit," Jack remembers. "The Summit," Irina agrees wistfully. "Wait, was that the hotel with the sundaes?" Sydney asks. Both Jack and Irina confirm that it was. Jack smiles nostalgically, saying he thinks Sydney had one every night. Irina beams some more. For a prisoner of the state, she has really nice teeth. Jack and Irina exchange a look, and you know -- you know -- that if Sydney weren't there, they'd be christening that freight car, and I do not mean with champagne. Sydney looks pitifully ecstatic over this display of fondness between Irina and Jack (I mean she's happy about the FONDNESS, not the lust, although the lust is there too). Jack quickly snaps out of it and says they should get some sleep. Very slowly, Sydney's face falls as she recognizes that the moment is over. Jack gets up and goes...somewhere. To the open door of the car, I think, to take a deep breath of fresh air. Irina watches him, smirking a little.

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