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Déjà Vu To A Kill

Night falls. A phone rings. The phone belongs to Spy Daddy, and it's dear, drenched Sydney calling to say that she needs to see him, now. Spy Daddy drives to some dock location, where Sydney is wrapped up in a blanket she must have stored up her ass or something, sitting by a pay phone. Jack asks her what happened. How could he not know what happened to Sydney? These are the worst intelligence agents on earth. He tells Sydney that she needs to get to Italy. Sydney knows, but she needs to tell him something first. As she was hanging out under the sea, sucking rubber, she came to the realization that Spy Momsky could have done the very same thing when her car crashed. She points out that Mom was evil and horrible and stuff, and furthermore may have the same biological signs that Rambaldi pointed out in his prophecy. It could be referring to her. Sydney concludes, "Mom's alive. I know it!" Jack's face has no expression. This could make for one awkward family reunion.

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