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Déjà Vu To A Kill

We cut to said tribunal members striding down a hallway to meet with Sydney. The main inquisitor is played by Terry "Hey, It's That Shadowy Government Figure!" O'Quinn. They've made him shave off his mustache and his hair so that he doesn't look so much like the four totally different (or were they?) shady characters he's played in three Chris Carter series. The other two members of the tribunal don't get so much as a single line between them during the whole episode, so it's really more of a unibunal. They enter the conference room, and Terry introduces himself as Special Officer Kendall. He introduces the other two, but nobody cares. He tells Sydney that she's being held under National Security Directive 81A (known in government circles as the "Fuck the Constitution" directive), and that they can bring charges up against her. If she doesn't cooperate, or if she demands a lawyer, she might never hear freedom ring ever again. Sydney says she has nothing to hide. Kendall starts by asking Sydney her name and how she got involved with the CIA. Sydney doesn't realize that this is going to be a clip show because she's been in custody, and asks if they don't have a file on her already. Kendall says he does, but they need some sort of contrived way to segue into the clips, so just talk already. Sydney got involved with the CIA from her work with SD-6. How did she get involved with them? Previously on Alias: Sydney was a grad student, and one day, some man just came right on up to her out of the blue and asked her if she wanted to be a spy. You know, I only got people asking me if I wanted to be saved and feel the love of Jesus, or asking me to help free Tibet. She thought the idea was ridiculous, but began to wonder if she could actually become a spy. She says that she hated her classes, wasn't talking to her father, her mother was dead, and she had no social life. So she joined. Wasn't this a storyline in Doonesbury?

Kendall confirms that she joined SD-6, but Sydney explains that they tricked her into believing they were actually CIA. She had her evaluation phase as an office assistant at Credit Dauphine. After six months there, they told her she was ready for her spy training. Over the course of eight months, Sydney learned all there is to know about spying. Oh, okay. So that's why they had to make Sydney a genius. It's the only way anybody would swallow that horse pill. Eventually she found out about SD-6 and was lead to believe it was the "black ops" division of the CIA, performing highly classified missions of which even congressional oversight committees had no knowledge. Kendall is skeptical that Sydney didn't find this suspect. She claims they were very believable. Jennifer Garner has this look of resignation on her face like, "I didn't write this. Just go with it, okay?" SD-6 took Sydney to their secret headquarters beneath the building and brought her into the spy fold. She thought she was being "patriotic" by joining them. Heh. There she met Arvin Sloane for the first time. She sits and stares at Kendall and asks what will happen if she needs to go to the bathroom. Kendall says it would be arranged.

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