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Déjà Vu To A Kill

Back at the Warehouse of Secret Collaboration, Agent Anxious and Spy Daddy meet up again. Spy Daddy says that SD-6 is still unaware of Sydney's disappearance. Vaughn shows him the prophecy and says that if the FBI takes all parts of the prophecy seriously, that means the woman in the prophecy will never see that mountain. Vaughn's grand idea? Grab Sydney and fly her out to Italy to see Mount Sebacio. They're going to try to trick a prophecy. Well, okay, they're actually just going to try to prove to the FBI that she's not the person in the prophecy, but still. And how convenient that Rambaldi decided to ramble on like a moron for no apparent reason. I bet Vaughn is pissed that he didn't say, "If only she had slept with that large-foreheaded man she worked with…" Vaughn says that Devlin has tried to throw his weight around on Sydney's behalf, but was stonewalled. Jack concludes that they're going to have to "extract" Sydney in order get her to Italy. Jack says they still have the problem of not knowing where Sydney is. Vaughn tells him all about the Weasel, still convinced that Haladki knows Sydney's whereabouts. Spy Daddy says, "I'll talk to him." Did anybody else feel a tingle? Vaughn insists that the Weasel isn't talking, but Spy Daddy purrs, "He'll talk to me." I definitely felt a tingle.

After the commercials, the inquisition of Sydney continues. Kendall asks Sydney what she knows about her mother. Sydney says she thought Mom was a loving, wonderful person, but she was very wrong. Previously on Alias: Sydney uncovered some secret messages in Cyrillic in some books her father owned. She suspected that her father was a collaborator with the KGB. However, it turned out that the orders within those codes weren't for Jack; they were for Sydney's mom, who was a traitor working for the Russians. Kendall repeats this fifteen times, just for clarity. So he's recapping the recap that Sydney just recapped from an episode that we've already recapped. And I'm recapping that. Swell. He asks how Spy Momsky died. Mom was driving, trying to escape an FBI agent. There was an accident and the car went into a river. After Mom was gone, Spy Daddy hired a nanny to care for Sydney.

Kendall changes the subject to ask Syd how the double agent system works. Sydney offers up an example. Previously on Alias: SD-6 gives Sydney a mission. Sloane outlines the details, and Marshall handles the tech. We get a fun montage of Marshall showing off a phone with sensors in it, some very powerful drug, super-spy photo sunglasses, and a purse that hides a parabolic microphone. The purse works as a disguise, because the thing is so HIDEOUS that you can't look directly at it. There should be a law against gluing seashells to handbags. After she gets her mission from Sloane, Syd contacts the CIA to see what they want her to do. She meets with Vaughn to get her counter-mission, along with a healthy dose of sexual tension. Kendall asks for an example of a mission. Previously on Alias: Sydney and Dixon went to Moscow to get some computer discs. The CIA wanted copies. Dixon was disguised as an African national. Sydney was disguised as a cheap whore. Dixon got the discs from some men, and under the guise of a spilled drink, he secretly passed them along to Sydney. When Sydney got back to Los Angeles, she secretly slipped them to Vaughn when he passed by her dressed as a maintenance worker. He made copies, then secretly returned the originals to Sydney as she and Dixon were leaving the airport. They had to do all of this without Dixon noticing, lest she blow her SD-6 cover.

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