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Déjà Vu To A Kill

Kendall asks about Dixon, and Sydney confirms that Dixon doesn't know that SD-6 is evil and not affiliated with the CIA. Kendall asks if there have ever been any problems with Dixon because of the secret. Previously on Alias: Sydney and Dixon were sent to retrieve some vaccines from a plant in Berlin, and then destroy the empty building. Sydney ran in to grab the vials as Dixon set up the explosives. Dixon didn't know that there was a CIA team lurking in the building, and Sydney had a rendezvous with them to pass along some of the vaccines. She ran off to disarm the bomb so that the CIA men didn't get killed. She ran back and detached the detonator, then returned to Dixon's side away from the building. He pressed the button, but nothing happened, just as Sydney planned. However, because Dixon is actually competent, he had a back-up detonator for just this eventuality. The building -- and the CIA agents within -- went boom. Oopsie. Sydney made her rancid-milk face. Back at the unibunal, Sydney asks for a break. She looks rather haggard.

In the CIA parking lot, the Weasel heads out to his car. As he starts pressing his little keyless combination buttons to open the door, Jack grabs him from behind, spins him around, pushes him up against a car, and holds a gun up to his head. Whee! Jack heard from a friend that Haladki was interested in making a positive change in his life, and wants to tell him about an important opportunity to become less of an assface. Jack wants to know where Sydney is. The Weasel folds faster than Dick Cheney at a meeting with Big Oil and spits out the location of the FBI building. But that's not enough. Spy Daddy knows they're not going to keep her there overnight, and wants to know what their plan is. Weasel tells him that they're going to transfer Sydney to a nearby safe house at 5:30. Spy Daddy warns Weasel that if he tells anybody about this little meeting, "[he'll] never wear a hat again." Daddy walks off. The Weasel looks like a big pussy. I need a cigarette.

After the commercials, Kendall asks Sydney for a list of everybody who knows about her spy games. She says only the CIA and her dad know. Actually, after the last episode, it looks like all sorts of government folks know. It might have even been in a departmental newsletter or two. Sydney said she didn't want to tell anybody else because of what happened to Danny. Previously on Alias: Will was an idiot. Some things don't change. Will pestered Sydney because he thought the bank (where Sydney tells them she works) was too demanding of her time or something. Sydney semi-slipped and told him, "If you knew what I dealt with every day, you might thank me for doing my job so well." Will didn't understand what she was talking about. Sydney dropped the subject and ran off. Kendall concludes that Sydney has a hard time keeping a secret. Sydney insists that she doesn't, and then her pants burst into flame. It's not that she's good at keeping secrets; it's just that everybody around her is really dumb. She whines that she hates lying to her friends and getting jet-lag from flying all over the world to help Sloane, whom she says she wants dead.

Kendall asks how often SD-6 sends Sydney on missions, triggering a musical montage to some awful song by Smash Mouth, a band that I utterly despise, so we're going to speed through this part. Previously on Alias: Sydney ran down hallways. Sydney slid down elevator shafts. Sydney punched and kicked people. Sydney drove an ambulance away from an exploding car. Sydney punched and kicked people. Sydney wore ridiculous outfits and wigs that caused her to stand out in a crowd, not blend in. Sydney punched and kicked people. Sydney rappelled through walls. Sydney parachuted. Sydney spent a quiet evening watching old '40s musicals on AMC. No wait, my mistake -- Sydney punched and kicked people. Back with Kendall, Sydney simply responds, "I keep busy."

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