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You Give Me Fever

When we last left Syd, she was opening up Door 47 in her dream world and pissing us all off by not showing us what she found there. We pick up where we left off as Syd looks in horror at what's behind Door 47. Her expression is so dire that she looks like she's seeing rhinos humping and Clay Aiken kissing a girl, no, a boy, no, a RHINO and little children running screaming for their mothers and -- oh, never mind. She doesn't see anything that disturbing. Instead, she just sees Will, standing in her old kitchen, staring right through her as if she isn't there. He doesn't respond when she says his name. Well, duh, Syd. It's a DREAM. You're not really there! Sitting on the counter in front of Will is a box of St. Aidan Flakes (hee) and there's a sun on the front and it winks at Syd. She asks Will what all this means, but he doesn't respond. Again, DUH. Then Syd's suddenly jerked out of Dream Land because Spy Daddy's having a goddamn panic attack that he's going to lose his little girl like he almost did that time before when Syd fought Killjoy and went into cardiac arrest.

The Dream Team hovers around Syd, trying to bring her back to reality. She's totally peeved that they pulled her out so early. She tells them that she saw Will in her dream, and even though he didn't say anything, she's convinced he knows something. Jack and Vaughn aren't really listening to her, being slightly more concerned with getting Syd out of the Dream Dugout before Creepy Cronenberg can get his hands on her subconscious once again. Jack tells her that he'll contact witness protection, and for some reason, Syd freaks out at this and yells at him to wait.

Before we can see what he does, however, we're watching one of Jack's many private planes whisk across the sky. Inside, Syd's telling her father that they shouldn't pull Will out of witness protection because it could be dangerous. Um, it took her that long to tell him that? I mean, she couldn't have stated this back at the Dream Dugout? Or were they just beamed up to the plane like a bargain basement version of Kirk, Spock, and Bones? Lord. Jack just says he doesn't want to pull Will out of protection; he just thinks Syd should contact him. Syd's not into the idea, saying that Will had to have been debriefed by the CIA after her "death." Jack's all, yeah, sure, but YOU didn't do the debriefing, did you? Well, you're going to do it now, sister, and in more ways than one! Heh. Jack finally makes the point that Will could hold the key to the Lost Years and that her contacting him won't put him in any danger. Well, unless by "danger," you mean "butt-nekkid between the sheets with his old longstanding crush."

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