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The Paris Death Match

After we take a break and make an emergency phone call to J.J. Abrams, wherein we request that he ask permission the next time he pilfers John Epperson's fantabulous stage persona, we're back with Willage and his panic attack. Syd's all up in Willage's face about how he got there. Willage is all, I was following a story and what in the FUCK is up with your hair, baby? Spy Daddy hears all this and peels out.

Syd hears some Khasinau commotion outside and grabs Willage, exiting to the club. She gets on the horn to Dixon and tells him that she can't meet out back and she'll see him at the extraction point in thirty minutes. At that moment, Khasinau and Sark come upon the little mess that Dixon left in the office. He orders his henchmen to get a move on.

As Syd and Willage quickly make their way past the bar, one of Khasinau's dudes sees them and starts shooting. Syd covers Willage with her body and then pops up with her guns blazin'. No, "guns" is not a euphemism for her breasts. She's actually shooting a gun. Although, upon closer inspection, the way her boobs are popping out of that bustier, they probably could be considered weapons.

After the bullets fly, Syd grabs Willage and shouts that they're goin' out the front. Khasinau's henchman comes after them, and she kicks a table at him and then knocks him over the head with a chair. She turns just in time to see another henchman point a gun at Willage's head. She leaps onto a chair, spins around in slo-mo, and knocks the henchman down with a truly awesome kick. Willage just drools at her in response. She grabs his drugged carcass and pulls him up the stairs.

There's another henchman ready to tangle with her. She drops him in a flash, grabs Druggy again, and they scramble out of the club. Spy Daddy squeals up in his "Save The Sydney" car just as they're exiting and yells at them to get in. Syd's all, HE CAME HERE WITH YOU?! Spy Daddy screams, "Get down!" and shoots one of Khasinau's men dead.

In the car, Spy Daddy calls someone and requests a full identity switch and cover escort. Syd's all, what the hell is he doing here? Spy Daddy's all, let's discuss this later, okay? Syd's all, DUDE. Willage is all, look at the pretty pictures!

Then Spy Daddy, Syd, and Willage enter a warehouse or something. Spy Daddy tells some little French guy that Willage has no field experience and that he needs a makeover. "Go with him," gasps Syd. "It's okay." "Which part of this is 'okay'?" panics Willage. Hee. French Guy pulls Willage into a small room and orders him to take off his clothes.

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