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The Paris Death Match
Wendy Kroy: I couldn't resist.
Regina: Well, try. And stop ashing on my floor! There are, conservatively, NINE HUNDRED ASHTRAYS in this domicile. Find one.
Wendy Kroy: But if I ash in an ashtray, Julio won't come in and bend over and sweep up my ashes while wearing those precious little cut-off Sergio Valente jean shorts.
Regina: Why did I invite you over? WHY?
Wendy Kroy: Because, deep down, you want to be a snazzily dressed gay man with a biting wit.
Regina: Dude. For all intents and purposes, I AM a snazzily dressed gay man with a biting wit.
Wendy Kroy: Excellent point. Julio! Daddy needs another cocktail! And bring the dustpan. Daddy's had an accident.
Regina: Honey? You're one sick puppy.
Wendy Kroy: Thank you, sweetie. I love you too.

Back in Hell-Lay…Lois Lame's at a payphone somewhere. It rings. He picks up. Deep Throat wants to know why Lois hasn't published his story yet. Lois says he needs something first. In our regular mini-flashback, Spy Daddy's telling Lois precisely what he needs to do in order to set up the meet-and-greet with Deep Throat. Lois wants to know why in the hell Deep Throat would agree to meet with him if there's a possibility that Deep Throat knows Spy Daddy wants to flush him out.

Blah blah blah, Deep Throat just gave Willage Spy Daddy's name so he'd know that Spy Daddy wasn't a threat. Bling blam blooey, Deep Throat never expected Willage to have the guts to actually contact Spy Daddy. Flim fling flotsam, Willage will take that as a compliment. Yawn.

Spy Daddy's all, okay, tell this idiot that you know about "The Circumference." Willage is all, what in the HELL is "The Circumference"? Spy Daddy's all, dude, you don't need to know, okay? Just tell him that you know about it. J.J. Abrams is all, "The Circumference" doesn't mean shit, okay? It's just a stupid plot device that probably won't even reappear until next season. I'm all, dude? Can we get on with this? I have to go get my hair cut.

Back on the payphone, Willage gives Deep Throat the ultimatum of shit or get off the pot. Meet with him or forget the whole damn thing. Deep Throat agrees to the meeting and tells Willage that he'll be contacted in the near future with details and instructions.

London. Land of Hugh Grant and The Women Who Won't Go Out With Him. We're at a meeting of The Alliance. This whole scene is one big BLAH BLAH BLAH. Uncle Arvin wants leniency for Auntie Em. The Alliance isn't really into that idea. Uncle Arvin starts spewing something about all the secrets he knows about SD-6. The Head Alliance guy cuts him off and mentions the assassination of Arvin's buddy, Jean. Arvin's all, you guys all knew about Double-Oh-Geritol and his connection with Khasinau, didn't ya? DIDN'T YA?!

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